1. I couldn’t agree more! I didn’t mind the romance, but I was so much less interested in their relationship storyline than Kenna and her pursuit to meet her daughter. I kept hoping for a storyline of her going to court, or just anything that had to do with her fighting for her kid. I loved the ending and how Patrick and Grace ended up forgiving Kenna through reading that letter, but wish the moments and story lines leading up to that moment were different.

  2. You could use soy curls instead of the chicken, but the cooking time would still need to be reduced a bit. Like 2-3 hours instead of 5+

  3. Let me guess... Not a math teacher? Just for the lulz, what does she teach?

  4. Be authentic when trying to make connections with students

  5. “Remember it is a job and your own mental health comes before work” !!!!

  6. I’m not gonna say that I hated it because I really enjoined the book. But instead of thinking that Ryle was burnt alive by the author, I would say the real issue is a lack of development of the character. The violent episodes came out of nowhere but in reality, physical violence is only a part of an abuser's personality. The profile of Ryle is more the one of a person with some kind of PTSD.

  7. Eh, we see wealthy people all the time spend time with charities to satisfy their own personal fulfillments. I think too, her love for sister in law and bff Lilly motivated her to stay. If it was some random person perhaps it wouldn’t be as realistic.

  8. Am I the only one who wishes she would’ve turned Ryle into the police? I totally get where Colleen Hoover was going and her overall point, that it’s complicated and domestic abuse is not always black and white.

  9. Please don’t make teaching your whole personality. It’s honestly something I’m still working on. You will eventually slip up, you will eventually have that one student who hates you no matter what. Subconsciously, you will take these things to heart, and when your whole identity is “a teacher” you will hate yourself as a person for these unavoidable mistakes.

  10. “My teacher friends lose sleep over saying the wrong thing to a kid, having a failed lesson, or having ever kid do poorly on a test. It’s all they can think about it for the week.“

  11. I’m right there with you. ❤️ just last week I over heard my kids saying how boring they think French is and how much they hated my lesson that day. You’re damn right I thought about it all day/week. It’s all about separating yourself from the job.

  12. Just finished student teaching (high school) and had a great relationship with my cooperating teacher. She was very transparent with me about everything. Had a few kids complain to her that I was mean, and other kids complain that I wasn’t mean/strict enough.😂 Teenagers are a tough crowd. It’s the students that I had good relationships with that made it all worth it.

  13. THIS! I value student feedback. Last year I sent out a survey to my kids asking what I could do to improve. Half of them said be more rigorous, and the other half that I was too hard lol

  14. As a Spanish teacher: authentic. Bitch these kids can hardly handle subject pronouns, you think they can handle authentic texts???

  15. French teacher here. I totally agree. Our supervisor says kids should only learn new vocabulary from authentic recourses and we shouldn’t use things like fill in the blank activities or vocabulary lists….

  16. No ... personally I love teacher made for this because I can take my word documents and pdfs, up load them, and then it self grades too.

  17. I love teacher made too! But unfortunately a lot of my kids have limited access chrome books and can only access Google sites

  18. Why would you ever feel bad about being efficient? Literally every other job praises efficiency…so should ours

  19. I was teaching about dining out at a restaurant, so talking about paying included vocabulary like "la cuenta" (the bill) and "la propina" (the tip). I'm sure you can see where this is going. We were playing Jeopardy one day to review and one of the clues was "what you leave after you finish eating". For some reason they kept getting stuck on the fact that it was the bill, nevermind the fact that I kept stressing "what YOU leave". Finally I yelled out "What do you leave? It's not the bill, it's just the tip" and immediately realized my mistake as the room of high schoolers LOST THEIR MINDS.

  20. You stated this is before 8am, correct? I think I found the issue right there. Most students are still trying to put their short on the correct way before 7, and not let their pop tarts fall into their laps.

  21. So so true. What a difference between 1st and 9th period

  22. My go to response is usually, “I think it’s precious that you think I care about your opinion. Hold onto that innocence”

  23. 2 preps seems perfect! I think 1 prep would take a lot to get used to, and I would get bored easily. As it is right now, I teach 2 classes of French 1, 1 AP/level 4, 1 level 3, and 3 French 2. And for my prep with 3 levels I even get bored by my third time teaching it lol.

  24. When I started I was teaching 3 levels (4 sections + all the middle school outside of content stuff) with no materials or curriculum and I too felt really overwhelmed. I eventually moved to a new district for personal-life reasons and while it was the right choice for said personal life, it was the wrong choice professionally. Having an admin and set of students you like and job security to maintain full time status is really valuable and honestly harder to find than I would have thought.

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