1. Meat Pie, And Homewrecker, Are new strains. I'm eager to try the Meat pie it sounds like it'd be a good buy. But i've had the Tiger mintz and can vouch it's one of the best flowers you can get at the pricepoint. Frozen white runtz also sounds amazing but once again. Can't vouch haven't tried.

  2. Dawg. There's simply no way you actually only got 6.88 grams in a half bag.

  3. Wedding mints Is literally my favorite strain on the menu! Glad to see someone else Appreciating it.

  4. How are any of those characters, On anybody's least favorite character list, When That annoying bitch candy exists. And to whoever voted phil collins Or lahey. You are fucked in the head bud.

  5. Awesome. Now that I'm going with the Black Jack. I'm trying to pick between 2.83 of Cuban Lynx or Salty Watermelon? Have you had either?

  6. I've had both, If your looking for a super good tenth, or just something to spice it up, I wouldn't recommend either, While their both good, There's nothing special about them. I'd go for some ice cream cake or anything by certified really.

  7. Meigs is my favorite grower in the program, Have never had an issue with their bud, And their wedding mints or LA kush cake is amazing.

  8. Yeah, But it was that or lahey was the dick for another season. I support the decision. And her character didn't stay that way for longer than the season

  9. On a Facebook post written on May 26, 2021, from the "100% John Dunsworth" page, which is a page run by Dunsworth's surviving family and friends, it was revealed in the comments section in a comment made by the page that he passed due to complications related to thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

  10. They should make artifact halves and sell them for that price, And make halves of the smaller buds for people who can't afford to pay 16 bucks a gram.

  11. Oh for sure, for that price Those buds better be like... well 4 buds total and they better weigh an 8th, That's like super exotic price

  12. It's the way she goes, Sometimes she goes, Sometimes she doesn't go, Today she didn't go, Way she go's boys.

  13. There’s a reason the tobacco industry packages and advertises the way they do. After so many lawsuits and government regulation it simply becomes the best interest of the companies to use packaging that can’t be confused as targeting children. I’d rather that the cannabis industry clean up its act and avoid the litigation that lead that industry to what is now.

  14. But we are trying to get cannabis regulated like tobacco. That's like the activists end goal. To have weed as legal and as regulated as alcohol and tobacco. And Hentai targets creeps. Not children. While I fully support using less/minimal packaging, Until there's something in place for it legally, they have to compete with everyone else and that right there is eye grabbing, People will go into a dispensary see it on the shelf and splurge to buy it, and that's what their, and every else in the industry's goal is. Definitely not targeted towards kids as it's a regulated product sold on dispensary shelves where kids aren't allowed unless it's medical.

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