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  1. Our oil and gas is not socialized or government controlled, so we have never been energy independent.

  2. Oil production numbers year end by the US versus previous years will tell

  3. One other note. When buying on eBay, sometimes you can see if the seller is selling an item he just purchased recently. This means one of two things, he bought at good price to flip quick; or, it didn't meet his/her expectations.

  4. With the amount of cards you have, I would open an ebay store. If you want to maximize dollars, sell individually. People expect discounts when selling as a lot. List the "hot ones" with a buy it now. I wouldn't recommend starting bids at .99 cents.

  5. Which website do you have to go to in order to get the shares verified?

  6. It was reported the communist government was cracking down on tech companies. Unfortunately all these stocks may continue to drop.

  7. "I" before "e" except after "c". You don't just drop the "e" 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  8. I think you're the ape smoking a joint

  9. I would upvote...but 420 looks good on your comment karma 🀣

  10. Very easy solution. Physically go to the poll, show your ID, and vote. Very simple. Americans have done it for decades before laziness set in.

  11. 1 GME #2 AMC Just hodl until the tendies arrive.

  12. What a difference an insurrection makes? Can't change the spots of a political leopard. What is in it for me?

  13. Insurrection??? That was a peaceful protest. We witnessed far more destructive "peaceful protests " on Federal buildings last summer.

  14. Why not have a "peaceful protest" πŸ˜‚

  15. Shitadel probably donates to the officials campaign funds.

  16. Of all things, the U.S.A. does not need another Donald Trump, the worst president ever.

  17. I beg to differ. The current president believes more airports were needed during the revolutionary war.

  18. Manchin is a legend. He is voting the way his constituents want. So sorry the lib dems do not get their way. Big pity party for them.. Maybe they can have a participation trophy so their feelings aren't hurt.

  19. 10 years in the future: "Hey man, remember when that bird shit on me and my favorite stonk rocketed to the moon "

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