1. Disclaimer: This is my opinion, and totally subjective.

  2. Try Ever Forthright, Novallo, Protest The Hero, Uneven Structure, Sees, Sikth, Aliases, Red Seas Fire. The Arusha Accord if you dig Periphery.

  3. I don't think these are actually Periphery, could be Bulb tho...I believe it may say more in the comments, either way it's really old and it kinda sucks in comparison to where they are now.

  4. Yeah and alot of bands use "best foot forward" so unless they come with a deep cut on the albums that is a banger, you hear the best songs from album before it comes out

  5. This really hasn't ever been the case with Periphery

  6. They said there would be another single I believe

  7. I feel like MK ultra fits perfectly where it is on the album, story wise.

  8. Told ya it was a hot take. I love the opening riff but the chorus kills it for me

  9. It seems to be the case on every new Periphery most popular current prog band - that the positive comments are always complete praise of every second as if the experience of this new track was transcendental (read: D-riding) and the negative comments are always "This band has always been trash, this is the worst song I've ever heard) type shit.

  10. What's safe about that chorus? It's purposefully playful with the melody.

  11. Not my favourite on PIV..but also a very underrated and underappreciated track

  12. Zagreus has all the things I love in a Periphery song.

  13. I had this same feeling with make total destroy when it first released, I feel like this tracks really grow over time

  14. I’m thinking that this was originally going to be jugg 2 but they kinda switched directions in the studio and went with something that is more like a spiritual successor since they had a lot of ideas leftover.

  15. Zagreus. Wow. I fucking love it. Can't say any more about it. THIS is what justifies the hype. Fuck I love these guys.

  16. A few listens over Wildfire and it gets less disjointed and you find the flow and structure.

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