1. Because of her long career some people forget she is still very young. She is only 36, only 3y older than SNSD Got girls, yet people act as if she is some middle aged woman playing teenage girl.

  2. Trying to shift the hate onto winter isn’t very cool. None of the GOT girls deserve hate imo

  3. I don't hate Winter. Hate is a strong emotion, it's just my opinion and observation that she brings absolutely nothing to Aespa or Got. I wasn't fond of Karina at first, but in time I had to admit myself I was wrong about her and I think she is hard working and talented and will grow even further with time. She improved big time. I personally see no growth in Winter in the two years she debuted.

  4. I haven't even dared to properly dream about what all will come with him being back. I'm scared the fandom and SM will try to pull him in all kinds of directions from EXO, to Superm to solo and nobody even mentions the possibility of CBX and I'm just scared to go through that rabbit hole of even hoping for this or that.

  5. Most Korean men serve much earlier, in their early 20s to get it over with, but kpop idols put it off by enrolling in online schools.

  6. Also because not all groups renew after the 7y contract, so they kinda wait out their initial contracts, and then can decide when to go based on what suits their career the best.

  7. The moment everyone started to heavily rely on ads it stopped being reflection of how hard fans stream aka how big and dedicated fandom the group has, but how many ads company bought. And poor those, whose company didn't buy any or only some 0.05%.

  8. I'm not aespa stan, their music is just a miss for me, but I did become impressed by Karina's growth. At first I totally did not see the hype around her, but she improved so much, and I first noticed that during last years GOT performance, she has great voice, is engaged, dances well and so on. Winter on the other, man, that girl is just like a piece of white paper, she gives nothing.

  9. Posts like this happen, cause some people really ran on twitter with the whole "chinese sales are just few people bulk buying aka not real sales".

  10. It always feel like people talk about Leeseo, and others as young as her, that they should not be debuting, cause they want to protect them and they are looking out for them, but all such posts bring is people bashing them in the comments. It's full of she brings nothing, she needs more training, she is not a good singer, not a good dancer and on and on and at the end majority of the concerned posts are just pointing out all the things she is lacking, but sure no hate post.

  11. SM has clearly moved on from EXO and RV in terms of budget allocation.

  12. SM has moved on from spending money on mv in general. Or even if they do spend money they still manage to make it look cheap. Always the same formula of big open spaces with some flashy stage/background walls, couple of props threw around the room and call it a day. Pretty much all bgs and ggs has had that. This RV mv was filled with things, but failed to impress as well.

  13. The only way I'm happy stanning gidle and IVE as my fav ggs aside of my primary bg, is to follow chart accounts and accounts that post photos and translations and avoid all the fandom drama. I support the girls by buying and streaming, enjoy their content, because all the attacks against my fav bg is all I can take, I don't have a heart to read people trashing my girls, especially Leeseo for her skills (though I find her really great) and WY just for breathing. Soyeon also gets constantly trashed by ifans especially, so no thanks, I'll do my best to avoid all that sht.

  14. Istg I will never understand Kpop fans (despite being one). Y’all love watching kdramas and cooing at all the cutesy coupley things they do in them. You loveeee shipping actors together and you also like shipping idols of the same group together (regardless of what their sexuality is) but the minute an idol finds love and happiness you legit get jealous and toxic like what??? Are you jealous that they’ll never date you? Or that they’re rich, successful and have a loving relationship?

  15. or when they don't mind their fav dating per se, they don't approve of their choice of partner and start being nasty.

  16. It’s so stupid because like… isn’t this the best case scenario? Your idol’s gone on to get married and have a family and be happy, but while many would retire from the industry entirely at this point which is understandably sad as a fan, this guy is still out here putting out new music and content for you! What more do you want? It’s so gross that these people feel they’re owed idols’ entire lives.

  17. That's the thing, those are not his fans hating him, those are other groups fans or some OT6 exols who don't want their fav to even get to the point of having wife let alone kid, they want idols to be hitting 40 and still maintain the boyfriend image. "As long as I'm your fan, you better be single".

  18. Maybe i look it from a wrong perspectives,but does it feel like the int'l fans (especially Twitter and YouTube) fans hAte her more than Koreans do?

  19. I'm not on TT, so I don't see the daily hate, but just the video posted by OP has soo many negative comments with so many likes. Ifans always act as innocent, but in reality they are capable to hate and bad mouth idols just as badly if not even more than kfans.

  20. Might be unpopular opinion, but both LS and NJ have hybe stans/armys backing them up and we all know how those stans can be if they decide to bring someone down.

  21. If there is any performative activism happening, it's from bts/jk. I'm sorry, but how can you stand at UN, talk about racism and hate crimes towards asians in the white house and then actively accept money and become face of an event organised by government which supports slavery and disregards basic human rights.

  22. Don't be dense. By becoming face of WC in Qatar he is helping to sportwash their crimes to put it simply. One does not need some written statement. Actions speak loud.

  23. It's because he has a *choice* , I dont blame him for taking that money, but if you attend the UN and the White House and speak out against human rights violations and then *choose* to perform in Qatar, it kinda invalidates your good intentions.

  24. I don’t support JK’s involvement in this WC because I feel like the social issues surrounding it are just too hard to ignore. But I also don’t think the conversation should be about him or other celebrities. The conversation should be focused on the atrocities committed in Qatar, FIFA’s lack of ethics or any morals, corruption and other countries’ silence + brands who are sponsoring this bullshit event.

  25. But employing world star like jk who is backed by millions and millions of fans who for their love for him will be hyping the event and ignore all the issue is exactly the thing. They want to pertain certain imagine and wash away their crimes by having people talk about the event in positive light and talking about yay jk and not omg human rights. Involving him is very political on their side.

  26. Ifans also often are not aware that the hate Chen gets on korean platforms is not just from exols, who dislike him or solo stans of other members, but that the hate directed at him often comes from non EXO fans.

  27. One thing I love is how he became such inspiration to so many idols. So many started to attend vocal lessons with his teacher and elsewhere and he kinda "pushed" other idols to work harder. Like "if The Baekhyun from EXO still tries to learn more, I have no excuse to be satisfied with what I have", that just cause you debuted and secured your spot in a group doesn't mean you shouldn't try to improve yourself and bless your fans with better vocals.

  28. No, its my own list. KVA has not had any updating for years but most of the analysis's are fine but not the lists. Baekhyun is still behind D.O, baekhyun has the best head voice out of chenbaeksoo but its still relatively underdeveloped compared to the best head voices in the top 10 (Jonghyun, Ryeowook, Junsu) and as for mixed register Baekhyun is only consistently supporting G#4 and sometimes A4, while D.O is consistent supporting Bb4, and recently chen has supported multiple Bb4s. Onew is above baekhyun in that list and probably Yoseob but im not sure about D.O since Onew only supports G#4, but Onew is a well rounded vocalist along with Yoseob unlike D.O, as Yoseob and Onew might not have the best lows/mix/headvoice, but all of their registers are considerably developed rather than being extremely good in just one or two areas, which gives them very little weaknesses compared to say Chen who has a monster low register and great mixed, but weak head voice and D.O who has decent lows great mix and a weak head voice. I would probably just put D.O/Onew/Yoseob as interchangeable.

  29. I really want to know what impressive vocals has D.O. provided to be better than Baekhyun on Bambi album. Seriously, you guys.

  30. It's always my fav writes music and then they are listed on spot #5 in the credits, here is gidle with Soyeon carrying their discography and amazingly lately Minnie and Yuqi joining in on a level hardly any other group can reach and here comes kpop experts nitpicking every single word in her rap.

  31. I agree tbh... I'm personally against this whole 14yr olds debuting situation and if they have to then I think the reason should be evident enough like NMIXX kyujin,you can totally see how ready she is to debut .But I don't understand why people like Leeseo and even Eunchae from le sserafim (whose group I think suits a much more mature concept)HAVE to debut RIGHT NOW.It would be more sensible to me if they would have time to keep improving and then come into the spotlight later.

  32. People sometimes try to act all preachy and "in her interest" and that they are looking out for her, cause she so young, but then make posts or comments saying she is not talented enough, doesn't shine in this or that category and so on, which essentially is pretty mean thing to say to anybody, let alone the young child some of you are so desperate to protect.

  33. Just say you want someone else to win and go, this taker is dumb and embarrassing.

  34. Kpop fans have been weaponising military enlistment for years. How many idols were called out by many different fandoms to "finally enlist" and "stop evading" and often times by armys as well. Others using it against them now that bts time is nearing is just paying back. Both sides are wrong for this.

  35. Stop both side-ing this. Literally where were ARMYs doing this? Hate comments of "avoiding the military" are pretty much (95%) exclusively directed at BTS.

  36. You didn't see it, because you never cared to see it. All the older groups were getting so much sht from all around about their enlistment. The constant taunting when they are gonna enlist, and why are they evading, mocking them for the type of service, bragging that your boys are killing it while this or that group is cleaning toilets. This is absolutely nothing new. Yes, no other group face the possibility of getting exempted, so the attacks are of different kind, but acting as if enlistment was never weaponised against other bgs is ignorant. I could go on twitter and within half an hour find dozens of tweets as I just described with thousands of likes.

  37. It's been going on for years that people wanna push certain way of behaviour onto idols as the only right way they should behave in order to be deemed as best of friends and not just mere colleagues, not realising that every groups dynamic is slightly different.

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