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  1. Im looking to buy a new 650w power supply for my old pc and im not sure which brand to buy, i'm seeing some for $130 and then others for $80 what is the difference?

  2. I'm looking at buying a gpu to upgrade from my old 1660s if you were in my shoes would you pay 324 for a brand new 6650xt or 335 for a used msi gaming x 3060ti? I always here people saying bad things about the amd cards and I don't know who to trust.

  3. Do you care about ray tracing, DLSS? If so, go 3060Ti. If what you care most about is solid framerate performance and a card with a warranty, get the 6650xt. The 3060 ti is going to outperform the 6650 XT in pretty much every category, the question is, do you want a used card? Do you know where the card has been? How it was treated? Can you test the used 3060 Ti card before buying it?

  4. Is it true about all the hardware problems that come with amd cards like a bad driver bricking peoples pcs. It makes me a bit skeptical to buy it

  5. Does anyone know when the Windx98 ships? I'm seeing lots of posts about r2 starting but still haven't got my order from back in august. Is it just me or is everyone else in the same boat?

  6. The frozen mixed veg is just as much of a travesty 🤣

  7. Why does my nitro only allow 100mb but it is the full nitro package?

  8. Hey guys im looking to build my first keyboard, a GMMK Pro and need help with switches, im currently looking at gateron

  9. JWK black switches have a decent amount of factory lube and are also quite friendly on the wallet. Akko switches also come pre-lubed and can be bought off amazon if it makes it easier for you. I'd recommend the Akko silvers or lavenders personally.

  10. are there any reccommended for gaming the price isn't too much for a concern for me as much as easily buyable from australia as i dont know many sites but would akko switches be better than the milky yellows?

  11. Both are relatively light switches which are preferable when gaming, In my opinion the main differences between them are the sound, the milky yellows are more clacky but the akko silvers specifically haven a deeper sound signature. As far as typing experience the milky yellows are 5pin switches unlike the silvers which are often said to be less stable and prone to wobble due to only being a 3pin switch but in my opinion there isnt much of a difference.

  12. Looking for 100% or 96% keyboard kit for when I start college since I need the funtion keys. Any recommendations that are decent for customs?

  13. Did everyone just forget about the existence of heart gold and souls silver? We need another game on this level sill havent completed it yet im taking my time to enjoy it.

  14. Anyone know any quality 96% or 100% boards with hotswap?

  15. Quality 100% are nearly impossible to find. Think Topre perhaps.

  16. Do you know where I can find it?

  17. How do people have such nice clean setups. Where are you hiding the dust 🤔

  18. It..kinda says if theyre lubed or stock in the description

  19. Will viewing on the mobile app make a difference? I only see the switch name and quantity. Like i dont even see the price.

  20. Can you tell I dont use reddit 🤣🤣

  21. Does anyone know any switches that are more muted soundimg when lubed but not silent switches?

  22. Topre comes to mind. Look into the HHKBs and see the comparisons on YouTube for stock and lubed+silenced.

  23. I wamt something good for an office environement. Also topre aint it chief they sound so wierd amd scratchy lol not my taste

  24. Does anyone know any switches that fit the colour scheme of botanical keycaps and are linear?

  25. They're clones I got on aliexpress but I found an eu site selling them on pre-order just now if you are interested.

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