1. Zoeva brushes are the best and affordable I prefer them to sigma :)

  2. I have the exact cows like in the same parts too and also thought I was balding 😂

  3. Slowwwww downnnn!! Where is his friends ??? Surely those close to him need to have a word ?

  4. Yes I do this with clothes and shoe websites too :(

  5. I laughed so much at Dennis’ reaction to Mac cultivating mass

  6. I am definitely making this thanks for sharing

  7. I knew this was Lisa Eldridge lipstick before I read the comments , you should tag her your look on Instagram she usually feature a lot of her followers wearing makeup :) congrats on the wedding

  8. Parenthood , it’s my favourite Steve Martin film

  9. This reminds me of the clothes H&M would release for the coachella collection

  10. Love this pic of her , but cannot stand him

  11. A lot of people around here need to really check their values when it comes to Amy Schumer.

  12. This is so true , I’m not her biggest fan anyway but there are definitely worse people in Hollywood who don’t get dragged half as much as she does . She doesn’t deserve all the hate

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