1. The psp only supports old WEP, WPA-PSK authentication. It's insecure by today's standards but if you have an old access point around you can configure it with limited access only for the psp without changing the new router settings. The browser is useless now though, so the only option you have for browsing is getting opera mini on it.

  2. I have an invoice that previously bad a cancel button attached, somehow the option disappeared after I ignored it. Now its stuck pending with no way to get rid of it.

  3. I do this with my dell inspiron laptop, the bios has the feature built in and can also be done from their power manager app. I set it to charge only if it goes below 50% and stop at 80% but if it's plugged while between 50 - 80% it will use the charger directly untill you unplug it and drain battery below 50%.

  4. When I got my switch, I bought the remastered version over mario kart. Didn't like mario kart gameplay and I had some childhood history with ctr.

  5. The laptop doesn't heat as much because I used to play GTA V on this machine during the initial days and even after an hour or so of the game, the laptop didn't heat that much. It doesn't heat as much even now. I suspect that it has to do something with the windows updates. My system doesn't have a dgpu as well. It runs on the Iris Xe integrated GPU.

  6. The link you posted was for the mx450 version so I mentioned nvidia just in case. There was a buggy intel driver that caused issues with video editing programs, randomly freezing while scrubbing or crashing during export everytime but this doesn't happen anymore with the most recent xe driver.

  7. Looks like a faulty oled screen, I've seen this common with some galaxy S9s especially when you start lowering the brightness. If the hardware is clean internally you may need a new display.

  8. I see this also happens if you have a bad front camera flex.

  9. Windows 7 is a solid operating system but it is no longer protected with core security patches and depending on what you use this setup for, devs will eventually drop support. After some time it becomes the next windows xp.

  10. The reg keys to bypass checks will allow you to update. It runs fine on my pro 2.

  11. It's kinda sad now that the platform and services are dead. I'm not sure if this will be your first but I'll say you missed out on such a great ride, especially from the nokia era. I really wanted the 950 back when it was released. When I felt that the platform started to loose momentum, my 640 became the last of the windows phones I owned. To this day it's still working but there's nothing else like it that can provide this beautiful experience.

  12. I rarely use apps on my phone, even with my android. Apps tend to spy on whatever you're doing and you dont get some of the built in privacy features using a browser like Brave accessing the app's otherwise browser based webUI. So my android home screen is basically a load of bookmarks to apps' webUI's. I wonder if I could get a windows phone and achieve the same thing. Man did i love my windows phone when I had it.

  13. I think the platform is still good but the outdated edge engine makes it difficult to browse the modern web on it, kinda like old ios versions. If that could be replaced then modern apps or pwa would still offer good experiences. Its too late now as most people aren't interested.

  14. I found that on windows, using the registry or group policy to disable connectivity while sleeping makes it a little better. Its a silly windows thing because s3 works fine while on linux. If you completely disable s0, the option for sleep is removed.

  15. Anybody else constantly having the ringcon shoot out from between your legs when doing these? Hitting the TV, punching you in the face, slamming into your crotch, etc?

  16. I chose to ignore because it doesn't affect anything.

  17. Had trouble getting this to work, it would say browser integration not setup. It works with Edge but not Firefox or the portable version. My issue was

  18. Thank you for the answer. I did try that solution but did not work. I settled for 1Password.

  19. Ok, I also had problems with the version from the Microsoft store but getting it directly from the website works the best.

  20. I only see the Note10+ receiving updates, my base Note10 is still at November patch.

  21. My Korean one get the update a few days ago. It's also just the smallest n10.

  22. Mine was originally t-mobile but I flashed U1 firmware to debrand. It was fine ever since, getting all the major and security updates until now. Even the online files for odin are from November so I'm not sure why that is.

  23. I did the tutorial from xda a few years ago,

  24. The 3 cab files from the attachment are dead. I was looking iutool and the cab files particularly.

  25. Those are really hard to find now, unfortunately I couldn't find it on my pc. I think they were inside of a file called Lumia_cabs.7z

  26. The display dock might be useful atleast. The 950xl is good as a sidekick to play around with but not a good reason to replace an iPhone 12. Even a 6s had better support.

  27. Surprisingly the best sound quality one on the market is the apple usb c to analog audio dongle. It's 10 usd on Amazon

  28. Does it support headphones with mic for calling?

  29. Trackpad features better than with touchegg?

  30. I installed wayland to test, previously I had touchegg configured by mapping shortcuts to gestures on x11. Switch activities by swiping, zoom in browsers and also gestures for minimizing, overview, alt-tab switch. I can't find anything to mirror the setup and only the basic are available in settings for scrolling, clicking. If there's a tool for providing those options that would be great.

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