1. Joe why do you have to go and lie blatantly like that?

  2. Joe doesn’t lie. Robots aren’t allowed to, even if they’re programmed only to win!

  3. "What impresses you about the offense" is probably taken as asking him "What do you expect the Bengals to beat the defense with". Which the correct answer (even if not true) is nothing. Reporter in the question before was asking about the Burrowhead crap so I feel they were just trying to get a soundbite and it worked. Because the question was an ultimatum of tell us what the defense fears most/is in awe of or show confidence and give the Bengals the chip they have wanted all week.

  4. cb 1 and cb 2 in man vs chase and higgins. reid and thornhill playing shell everyone else in run protection/guarding Boyd/Hurst/Mixon.

  5. I see the goalposts have moved. Nothing else to say here other than it will never end, as long as you have people who don't like the Chiefs winning, you will have people either waiting to point and laugh when the team loses or will try to somehow invalidate the team/player success because having more than 1 good player/coach at the same time means the best player on the team is being carried.

  6. That would be cool, but there is no way KC gives away picks for a coach.

  7. Especially since Denver is going to do it before KC would get a chance.

  8. I am afraid of the Bengals. Because we cannot cover Chase/Higgins/Boyd. And because that is the case, if the game is close in the 4th, the Bengals will win.

  9. Well, Tony was given a massive contract based on his previous style of broadcasting. I don't know why they'd want him to change his style since that's what made him popular enough to be worth 17 million in the first place.

  10. To your example, wasn't the Bucs problem exactly that for the first half of 2020 where they tried to make him a deep ball merchant when he operates best in west coast short to intermediate game.

  11. Btw, imagine how strange it would be listening to the absolute goat of the sport doing commentating on a weekly basis like Romo is doing. Haha. I dont know if thats the plan for Brady, but it would be soo weird. Like a little unbelieveable each time.

  12. I believe Brady may be the Fox A game color guy at least his first season.

  13. I don't get the point of this. They were all close games because both teams are good, isn't that expected?

  14. There is the idea that win=blow out and winning streak=domination. So Burrow being 3-0 has been treated as the Bengals have been winning as easily as they did on Sunday against the Chiefs every time. Instead of it being what it was, 3 really close, competitive games either team could have won that the Bengals won in the end.

  15. While it looks like he looks down and then makes sure to land into his leg, in actuality he just was bracing his own fall and accidentally fell on the leg.

  16. three was the max without spending money. And like the other guy said it was really two and the one that you were forced to take at the start.

  17. She is only worth it if you need a shard dancer or like Sunhorse. Otherwise base Celestia is worthless.

  18. With those odds you should just be taking Chiefs/Bills/49ers/Eagles ML if you are trying to blowout-proof them to that extent. You would get better odds.

  19. Dude, I’m a jags fan but that’s not how this works! You tell him to shut the fuck up and say none of it will matter if Trevor is gifting possessions again.

  20. My fault, I just see a completely true statement and I can't defend it....I mean Sunshine won't be able to gift possessions because he will be too busy picking himself up off the grass with Jones planting him all day!

  21. There it is! You guys got a Waffle House near the stadium? Shits gonna be poppin after we catch your run game slippin in the snow.

  22. Yes, but I think it will be empty cause everybody going to be partying at one of Patrick's Whataburgers

  23. Thomas had close to a full career. He played 11 seasons and was 33 at the time of his death.

  24. Chiefs ATS are 25-31 since they won the SB and this season when favored by 7 or more are 3-4. However, one of the ATS wins this year was against the Jags -9.5 27-17

  25. Jags fans seem pretty confident they’re going to win. Guess they’re going to be the next team who hates the chiefs for crushing their playoff dreams.

  26. I mean, none of the 8 remaining team fanbases think they are losing this weekend. 4 will be wrong.

  27. sometimes i wish they were more clear with guides, if we cant figure it out, how are kids who are the target audience supposed to?

  28. They are not. They are supposed to do it or get frustrated and get their parents credit card to buy what they want.

  29. yep, and i think when i checked the most expensive pony would take a month or longer to get, like ???. i don’t think i would mind it as much if they said the rewards were set in stone, but since they said they would change them out / there would be exclusives it’s probably impossible to get them all :/ i’m hoping they hear the feedback and raise it up a little bit or maybe making it so you can earn extra points in balloon pop games or even the ferris wheel to make that a bit more useful.

  30. 2023 Record: 32-27 (5-3 NFL, 8-8 NHL, 11-7 NBA, 7-8 NCAAB, 0-1 NCAAF)

  31. Other fanbases pick on Jackson and Brittany because we're such a well-run organization from top to bottom and we don't create drama. If all the only weakness they can find on us is the QB's brother and wife doing goofy shit on TikTok, then we are in really good shape!

  32. Some go as far as consider them members of the Chiefs organization by Patrick association, just so they can hate on the Chiefs because of them.

  33. If you made that bet every Bucs game this season you would be 6-11

  34. Went 4 of 5 only miss being trusting the Vikings to cover.

  35. Unrelated, but what would happen if the Jets and Giants were both hosting a playoff game during the same weekend?.

  36. Most stadiums have multiple events during the week so having two games on the same weekend wouldn't be an issue, but having them the same day would be. In the event that the Jets and Giants are both hosting a Championship game it would have to be 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday. In all other Rounds Giants and Jets games would bookend the weekend to allow for time to clean and change the field over.

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