1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and I would probably give it a 9/10. Wish they’d have it again.


  3. It’s not the best brand but not the worst. Kind of just meh. I would say their quality is more so-so drug store level. Not something I would ever expect to see as an entire Macy’s box. I specifically have that eye primer because I got it on Ipsy for $3 and it always made my eyeshadow move around so I stopped using it eventually.

  4. The subtitles said that it was a cover of “Love and War” by Fleurie starting when the drone was repairing the grate in the holding cell and then it switched to saying “Westworld theme music plays” when the credits start.

  5. I’ve been suspecting the same. It seems Halores was able to heal William’s slit throat so entirely possible she could have saved human Caleb as well. Then she could use human Caleb to create her hybrids like William had tried with Delos.

  6. Prior to covid I only saw it during brunch but I haven’t been since then so I don’t know if that’s changed.

  7. I don’t think it’s timelines. I think it’s replicants, multiple versions of Hale. She interacts with herself in the season trailer. And I wonder if the burned arm will be important for distinguishing who’s who at some point.

  8. Look closer at the scene in the season trailer. Lots of people thought it was two Hales but it’s in fact a scene that has her interacting with Maeve.

  9. Why does her Instagram post say this happened last year, when this roe v Wade was overturned just a few weeks ago? Hm

  10. It happened the same time Texas implemented their bounty system.

  11. Honestly I’m just curious how long of a drive that would be

  12. Right now on a Sunday evening it’s about 50 minutes. During rush hour though it looks like it’s usually 1 hour to 1 hour 40 minutes.

  13. I am 100% pro-choice and speak out publicly and often on the topic. However, it always makes me uncomfortable for a brand owner to tell employees how to vote. I was on board with this memo right up until she encouraged employees to vote pro-choice. It's not like she threatened to fire them if they voted differently, so it's not the worst I've seen. But still. I wish she had written that part differently.

  14. I personally didn’t take it as her telling her employees how to vote because just before that she said “if you want to make your voice heard, here are ways you can get involved:” then listed that as one of the ways. The voting part was only directed towards those people who want to respond to the supreme court’s decision. If someone is pro-life and agrees with what the Supreme Court did then those recommendations aren’t meant for them.

  15. I’m kind of surprised that Netflix even let it go in that direction considering all of the criticism and pushback they got when something similar (though obviously not involving super powers) happened on Bridgerton season one.

  16. I’ve used them both for my eyebrows and felt that they were essentially the same.

  17. The ones from Purlisse have been my favorite.

  18. I miss fry’s so much. They had such a huge selection of products that you could most likely find the thing you needed that nobody else carried. I guess online shopping kind of made that unnecessary for many people.

  19. I've been so fascinated lately by people calling everything an "Amazon product" as in "Amazon product 9/7,567 you HAVE to buy". It continues to build the fallacy in people's heads that you have to buy things you want on Amazon or else it's either impossible or a great hardship to get them. Half of it is available at your local Walmart, idk if that's "better" or not but at least you can go get it and see it before buying and money goes into the community in some way. I've had very few occasions where I can't get something I saw on Amazon either directly from the manufacturer or from another store either local/small or not that I'd prefer to support.

  20. I discovered the ability to check out tons of current books on kindle via my local library a few weeks ago. Life changing. I have saved so much money and have been able to read far more than I would normally.

  21. I'm resentful because lots of clean brands have coconut oil and botanical extracts that are terrible for acne-prone skin. And because of the clean trend, a lot more conventional brands are sneaking botanical extracts into their formulas. And a lot of the time it's not ones that are beneficial, it's like...citrus oil or something. I don't want citrus oil on my skin. At the same time, lots of conventional brands also have fragrance, which I can't stand. I don't need a product to smell like cotton candy or whatever, I'm not 12 and buying lip smackers at Claire's. I just want something with straightforward ingredients that works. I found one foundation stick that fit the bill, but then it was discontinued.

  22. Yep, I’m over this “clean” trend as well. Avocado oil is constantly used in a lot of the lip products, cream products, and even foundations now because it’s the trendy thing, especially for “clean” brands. I have a severe avocado allergy so sadly there are so many of the recent popular items I can’t touch.

  23. Their shadows are always so pretty but I don’t do looks remotely elaborate enough to warrant paying the high price.

  24. It's not even just that, hormonal contraception is also used to legitimately treat health conditions like endometriosis, PCOS & ovarian cysts. Endometriosis can be incredibly debilitating and for some birth control is the only way to manage their pain so they can go to school, work and take care of their families. Lots of women use birth control this way.

  25. Precisely. But the people that have tried to get rid of contraception are the same morons that don’t understand that pregnancy duration gets counted from the date of the last period. People who don’t care enough to inform themselves because they just care about control.

  26. I’m just shocked that the social media for crumbl posted inaccurate information.

  27. What else have they said thats inaccurate?

  28. When people ask about specific flavors returning they are constantly giving inaccurate information. A recent example that I can remember off the top of my head was someone saying they’d love if there was a Cadbury egg cookie. The social media replied and said there would be on Easter week. That week came and went and no sign of anything remotely Cadbury. They could have just as easily not responded or said something vague like “wait and see” but they flat out said that would be coming at a specific time. And they do that kind of thing all the time.

  29. Yep. Canada is one of those countries for example. I was also shocked when I went to Hong Kong and they still had it there. Though the Hong Kong ones were much much smaller than the US ones had been.

  30. She’s a very well known beauty you tuber named Marlena Stell and I remember when she originally posted about this on her channel. It happened not long after Texas started their whole thing of having people turn each other in. She had just moved to Texas and at that point didn’t even think she could get pregnant because her first baby was very difficult to conceive. I remember that her story was so tragic and upsetting. I’m glad she’s speaking out to an even wider audience about it now.

  31. They can be impacted by it but still don’t actually hear it. If they could the infected humans in New York that Hale-ores is controlling would know something is up. The only one who is seemingly human that indicates he can hear it is the homeless man.

  32. Hahaha... I totally forgot about that. I should have run out and bought the WnW one for that alone.

  33. I remember she was having skin issues a couple years back. Did she ever solve those issues?

  34. It sounds like it’s still been an issue for her sadly.

  35. I’m kicking myself for not getting that set before it retired.

  36. There was the virtual line back in the first couple months it had been opened but that’s been gone for most of the time it’s been in existence now.

  37. To anyone who has had it, how is oreo crumb cake? I don’t see why they wouldn’t do birthday cake ft oreo instead but I’ve never had oreo crumb cake

  38. They sadly only seem to do Oreo birthday cake once per year for the birthday of Oreos in March.

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