1. I had a quarter life crisis at 25 and just started noticing some gray hairs today and it’s been giving me anxiety like a mofo

  2. Being born in the first place was literally a mistake and it shows. My biggest regrets are the opportunities I didn’t take out of fear and not being financially responsible because I watched others fiscally fuck around and end up ok. I just really wish I wasn’t even born yet dying is kind of terrifying so now I have to suffer for the next 30+ years

  3. Knowing what I know now, 9th grade English teacher was for sure doing an 8ball of blow and going on weekend benders, showing up Monday “tired” still a little fucked up from the benzos he took to get some sleep. Legendary man, RIP Mr. Morris

  4. I don’t know man, it’s a genius idea but reaching for something that’s in the same area as your firearm probably isn’t the best thing to do

  5. They’re just cowardly bitches who choose spots where they won’t get shot back right away. That seems to be the only thing in common with these people

  6. I am ready to watch this motherfucker burn. I hate everything in the world and would love nothing more than to laugh like a maniac watching the destruction all around me knowing that my pain and suffering will end while the world comes to a brutal ending

  7. That’s how you’re supposed to do it. Shout out to the these guys

  8. I was in the arng, going to college for criminal justice for free on the way to eventually becoming a criminal defense lawyer, I was in shape, used to be very handsome but denied it at the time, and then on nye I was struck by a car and became disabled, got a medical discharge, became homeless and had to get involved in the streets while looking for work while sleeping in parks and abandoned houses. Turned it around to live a fairly normal life but that day fucked up and destroyed everything I dreamed of

  9. Instead of fixing roads and the homeless problem this is what they’re focused on, highway tolls and fucking with legal gun ownership. What a joke

  10. Stupid. All you have to do is go to a gas station or 7/11 or subway after 11pm and if they’re not selling then they know someone who does. Shut even bar tenders have plugs. What kind of stupid shit is this

  11. Not understanding what my younger siblings were referring to

  12. If you’re over 14 doing b&e’s you’re a fucking loser

  13. No one cares, just keep it pushing as your smoking and then put it out in an ashtray

  14. You’ll never catch me going less than 100 in my Bugatti, fuck The weather

  15. There’s still going to be the mass media networks fucking with people’s head so what’s the difference

  16. I wondered what all of those cop cars were about, seemed like they weren’t ducking around and I can see why

  17. I put my hands up on your hips, when you dip I dip we dip

  18. Are the areas near MAX stations generally sketchy? I have a dog and would like to be around an area that I feel safe walking her at night, was curious about your thoughts on that!

  19. They are generally sketchy, even near Orenco station. If you drive there’s a little sweet spot where Portland and Beaverton overlap and you generally have everything you need and places to socialize

  20. Not all of us are pushing 40, I’m one of the very last millennials at 27 and won’t be 28 until the end of the year

  21. Did you sign for 30% interest? If you didn't agree to it, they can't charge you that.

  22. I can’t remember what the initial number was, it’s been two years and I’m still trying paying it off but I remember looking at the first payments like “whoa what the fuck happened”

  23. So you didn’t actually know the interest rate of the contract you were signing and now you’re surprised at the number.

  24. The internet amount I signed up for was lower than what I’m paying. Dealing with a predatory loan situation which is illegal in my state and now I’m dealing with state agencies to get it fixed

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