1. All the women lack agency in this show but apparently some think its a show about female empowerment

  2. She´s a Daemon meat rider and defended Blood and Cheese as "justified¨ because you know, a baby deserves to get his head cut in front of his mother and siblings if Daemon is who committed.

  3. In reality the right revenge for B&C would’ve been breaking into Aemond’s chambers at night and killing him while he slept instead of an innocent child

  4. That'd had been a more adequate revenge according at westerosi standars. Daemon could had Aemond dead instead he went for the innocents toddlers with zero involvement on the war.

  5. The way I scream everytime I watch that pedophile coming close at babies as the creep he is

  6. i had been totally unmoved towards Targaryen "beauty" since GoT aired until the day this extremely handsome man and his brother appeared on my screen.

  7. Such strong dragonbond that Syrax and Rhaenyra both loved to send Black's to their death and fuck their side more than the enemy

  8. There's a leaked video of smallfolk praising Rhaenyra, the rumours are true

  9. So the showrunners are bringing their fanfiction at life of smallfolk attacking Helaena and Alicent

  10. Then why do you care so much about other's people opinions? You can watch it, let other do whatever they please

  11. She will die cursing her enemies and not like poisoned puppy..And whose line will end up on the throne? 🔥🤟😃🤪

  12. She will die as dragon's poop and remembered as an usurper,hated by Targaryens and smallfolk until her bloodline is totally erradicated

  13. If I were Alicent I would have refused as well.

  14. People loves to glass over Jace just used Helaena to annoy Aegon. So chilvarous of him! Using a girl to winning a stupid machoman fight what a gentleman!

  15. Fell into nothing? Aegon III and all Targaryens after him consider themselves successors to Aegon II. They're not his direct descendants but still his familial ones who associate with him instead of Rhaenyra. His line recognising Aegon II as the legitimate King for the laws of Gods and Men in universe would make Daemon howl on rage from the Seven hells.

  16. ||Aegon II did not even want Aegon III to rule

  17. Vhagar's biggest contribution to the war effort is arguably the deterrence she provided. The 6 dragons the Blacks have at the start could have swarmed the 3 Green dragons at King's Landing but they were rightly terrified of fighting Vhagar and losing dragons in the process.

  18. ||Vhagar's biggest contribution to the war effort is arguably the deterrence she provided

  19. If Hugh and Ulf still defect, you end up being near unstoppable too. Though that's assuming they don't do anything too stupid.

  20. Damn it,it's true we would miss that incredible hard line. Greens would win but at what cost? That's a pyrrhic victory

  21. Sara Hess, in behind the scenes videos and interviews, is the only one who openly takes credit for writing the Dyanna scene. So yes.

  22. Sara Hess contradicts everytime she open her mouth. On Rhaenys's massacre,she literally said: Smallfolk life doesn't matter

  23. Sara: "it would AwesOme if RhaEnys came thROugh the flOOr"

  24. Vhagar is more powerful than Caraxes and even Daemon acknowledged he was not match for Vhagar, that's why he used to track Aemond down with Nettles and Sheepstealer by his side.

  25. all Rhaenyra did was whine and complain about her role as heir to the throne anyway. Criston was offering her a way out even if it was a bit silly.

  26. Show! Rhaenyra is a very inconsistent character. She acts like she want the throne and like she doesn't want the throne. Like either version is okay,but you should take one and stick to it. You can't have Rhaenyra fighting a war for the Throne but also a victim of her father because she does not want the throne.

  27. I wonder if the blacks would be mad if I shoved them

  28. Damn,this scene is worse than I remembered.

  29. You can't usurp something you created yourself

  30. Aegon didn't create Westeros or those lands belonged at him neither

  31. The Starks created the kingdom of the North, the Martells created Dorne, the Arryn conquered the Vale etc, these lands did not belong to them but they united the region, Aegon did the same thing

  32. In one sense,Aegon I usurped their titles (starks were king on the North) and lands just how they usurped those lands before.

  33. I'm doubtful for a very primary reason: the show won't want showing another dragonqueen eclipsing Rhaenyra.

  34. My beautiful Queens💚💚 loved by the smallfolk

  35. Love it, the most humiliating is most I'll enjoy it

  36. You lack reading comprehension. I presented reasons, just like cops and prosecutors do. Not sure where I said that it's an excuse or tried to defend the B&C strategy.

  37. Stop protecting your reading comprehension problems and anger issues on me lmao who said i'm upset? That your comment was incredibly stupid and dimwit as expected from most of blacktards so thus deserved a sharp answer does not mean i was on a anger state.

  38. Not only reading comprehension but writing too. Go back to school and learn how to debate. You're a nasty incel and I feel for you. Pity, you could've learnt from OP how to have a conversation.

  39. Why I should want having a conversation with a blacktard as you from HofDBlacks that basically have not even read the book mixing data and facts to excusing the groomer cunt. Learn also the meaning of word "incel" and how it applies

  40. I need this man and Ewan on my dash everyday everyhour.

  41. Even when Aemond was a child surpassed them by miles. Not even 4v1 could win against him,they had to use dirty tricks(a knife) as he was disarmed

  42. I'm working on a team green rewrite where Helaena and Alicent do get to kill Daemon. They poison his ass and then strangle him to death with a pearl headpiece that belonged to Alicent's mother.

  43. Damn it, that's so savage I freaking love it. Poisoning the groomer and later strangling him until his face is purple and his eyes out. Share fanfic when you have it done,please

  44. Some of the fics that I have read that have Helaena killing Daemon by dragonfire, which is perfectly plausible, but he'd find that an honorable death. I wanted to have it be where he gets the most humiliating death, and it's at the hands of the women he tortured and disregarded.

  45. ||he gets the most humiliating death, and it's at the hands of the women he tortured and disregarded.

  46. My brother in Christ they literally killed all the dragons because of how much they hated her

  47. She ends up being so horrible of a ruler that smallfolk riot and end up killing f*cking dragons that could make entire armies shit themselves.

  48. They also use “medieval” standards to justify Daemon’s actions while by those same standards Luke is man and Aegon is the heir

  49. They hold strongly into outldates medieval standars as "King's words is law!" or Daemon's crimes were ""not"" that vile as the same time they claim bastardry should had been not a problem for inherinting or why Rhaenyra's treason towards the Kingdom is not a big deals according moderns standars.

  50. Still pissed how the show made Luke out to be a child when him and Aemond should be close in age. Whatever they can do to make the Greens evil I guess