1. Park ranger: “Brown bear brown bear what do you see.”

  2. I would hop on a plane yesterday for you. Is that a drawing or an actual pencil? I haven’t seen them in person yet

  3. *Paopu Fruit (to share with a special someone.)

  4. You’ve got my mouth watering, yum!

  5. The food in anime always looks so good. Especially in the Ghibly movies. I always wanted to try the food chihiro's parents are eating in the beginning of 'Spirited Away'.

  6. I’ve been on the receiving end of this and it’s such an amazing feeling. Being so sensitive and wanting to cry out but you can’t just makes you want to come so hard.

  7. I am married to someone who relied on alcohol for years to fix the pieces within himself that were broken, and your words immediately...brought to mind so many of the dark spaces I existed in for years.

  8. Oh my gosh I feel heard. I’m going to save your comment for those dark moments I have been having on a daily, telling me I need him to be whole.

  9. I actually met her at the local library she was working at. But don’t be afraid to put yourself out there with online dating and such!

  10. That’s so awesome. Thank you for the advice! I’m going to take some me time but eventually I will have to put myself out there. Kinda scary to think about.

  11. Excuse me... it’s The Weeyums. Show some respect.

  12. You’re so right. Let me put some respek on his name!!

  13. Guys!!! I’m not sure who this dude is, he only has one follower and that’s me! Should I DM him? Or would that seem suspicious? Help!! Lol

  14. Bo has a full criminal record including multiple assault charges that he’s been found guilty of or pled guilty to. I definitely would avoid a show about him, I didn’t even enjoy him on 90 Day. TLC does love those with troubled and abusive backgrounds though.

  15. Yeah, I really don't give a shit. Lots of actors have records and people are still willing to watch their stuff. They're entertainers not pillars of moral standing.

  16. One difference is we often know about entertainers pasts because they are public. So we can choose not to support their projects/products. TLC never comes out and says the shit these trash ass people do. They don’t even disassociate with them. He’s trash and not entertaining.

  17. I’m seeing a lot of people calling then getting updates in the following week(s). 🤔

  18. I found a number online that showed how to get through and I’m sorry I can’t remember but will update it if I find it...

  19. There have been no updates until showing the 152 and I told my husband that had to be a good sign.

  20. Add snacks and 🌿and it’s an ideal day

  21. Don’t go to HRB. It’s not their fault and it’ll be easier to take your frustrations out on an actual person than on the phone.

  22. Blame the age difference or social distancing. If you’re comfortable enough you can talk to them directly about boundaries. What days/times that you and your wife think play is okay, what play you’re comfortable with considering Covid and that you don’t want inside play at this time.

  23. I do. Tag two friends? No problem! Lemme just go find two friends real quick...

  24. Dude, YTA. I couldn’t even finish reading this. You’re so disrespectful and her weight/body clearly aren’t the only issues you have with her.

  25. In Ohio 2.83 grams(called an Ohio 10th) runs between $18-40 +tax.

  26. For the most part, yes. It’s medical here so overall it’s been good for me. I’ve learned that certain strains are better for whatever issue I’m having than others. The good thing is you have more control over what you get and you know the carts and stuff are legit.

  27. First, stop lurking since you said you’re no longer friends. Stay off their social media. You were embarrassed, it happens. Move on and don’t dwell on it.

  28. People actually sing in the shower? Maybe I'll do it one day when I live alone

  29. I love to sing in the shower! My family probably doesn’t love it though lol

  30. Love Is An Open Door from Frozen. I sang both parts like my life depended on it lol. My toddler is like please chill out mom.

  31. YouTube will be a good place to start. You have to be careful with certain styles because they can be heavy on the scalp and hair which leads to breakage. Shea moisture makes products for all curly hair types.

  32. You can dress trash up and give it a solo special and it still be trash.

  33. They all end up more shocked than Pikachu.

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