1. I don't mind a fresh cooked stir fry but I really dislike the supermarket bagged stir-fry stuff. Wet brown veg in plastic bag, sauce that tastes of nothing, stringy beef, too much noodles. It's my partner's idea of cooking so I grudgingly chew through half a bowl of it every so often to appease them.

  2. The m+s rainbow pack is bangin! All crispy and fresh. Their whole stir fry deal is tbh and it’s like £6 all in.

  3. People always talk about heating but lecky is WAY more expensive. My heating is maybe 60 a month (I'm cold but it's tolerable) but lecky is like 200. Or is everyone else just pumping the gas and heating their whole place to 20?

  4. Did anyone spot in the comments her saying she’s on prenatal vitamins?

  5. Yes my LMP was 22nd dec so when I had a private scan I expected to be 7w but measured 6w. I said I’m sure I conceived on the 8th and she said that would be right for 6w, and my midwife has told me I’ll get a proper due date when I go for my 12w scan.

  6. My first was Autistic too, but I still always felt with just one kid you could swing still moving around as you wanted. Once I had another baby, that shit was locked down.

  7. Oh no this is not helping, I have an autistic toddler and have just found out I’m pregnant. Please tell me it’s not as bad as I’m imagining 🤣

  8. Yes. This is what runs through my head when everyone talks about the Nicola Bulley missing persons case in the UK and says she was taken because nothing adds up. When its just hugely likely she fell in the tidal river right next to the sign warning about deep water, where other people have fallen and disappeared forever or had their body wash up months later.

  9. Yes the parents give me heavy vibes of drug use, thats why ive always suspected that DeOrrs death was connected to accidental drug ingestion.

  10. Isaac said he was definitely there and alive, and he hasn’t budged on his story. That’s the only thing that puts me off this theory.

  11. I have multiple disabilities. The piece of brain that separates the two hemispheres, mine stops halfway through. I've been through roadblock after roadblock in medical and education, but I've still broken through. If you want to believe the doctors, I was to be born with an IQ of a child and not have a real shot at life.

  12. My son has the same, he’s only 3 and it’s scary not knowing what the future will be for him.

  13. There's a certain subreddit out there who are obsessed with a mom that recently went completely offline. The threads are insane. I've been blocked for telling people they shouldn't be daydreaming about stealing someone else's kid and "raising them right", people are making new posts about how they wish she would post again so they could know "___ is safe" even though she went offline BECAUSE people were being insane over her child lmao the snark pages involving kids are whacky and it gives me the ick in so many ways.

  14. She didn’t go offline because people were being insane over L. She left because they caught on to her bfs very current criminal record and the fact she moved L across the country from everything she had ever known to bail him out of jail even though he was basically a stranger to them. And she lost all of her sponsorships when the companies became aware of her disgusting tweets.

  15. Look I hate cassie as much as the next person but to pretend that sub hasn't gone over and above when it comes to what is acceptable with snarking just doesn't sit right with me.

  16. I very rarely drink. Maybe once a year, if that. I don’t enjoy it. I’m a single mom so the hang is not worth it, and I seem to go from sober to sick and tired. I have many addictions, mainly sugar, my phone and vaping, but alcohol has never been one of them. I had 2 alcoholic grandparents so my parents never really drank around us either.

  17. Hi lovely I’ve just found this sub and thought I’d reply as I’m in a really similar boat. I have a 3yo with special needs and am unexpectedly pregnant. I want to keep it, my partner does not so I’m booked in in a few weeks for a termination.

  18. Mix it with dove chocolate 400g and condensed milk 397g and heat. Best fudge ever

  19. Yes I’ve been diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction for about 12 years.

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