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  1. Hahaha, yeah when I think of little orphan Annie and Anne of Green Gables I totally think of downhill ski racing on mountains all over the NW!

  2. Right! Literally one of the most expensive hobbies.

  3. Not fair, I want one! Some people get all the cool stuff.

  4. Who ever designed that entertainment wall should never be allowed to design anything ever again. It is so bad!

  5. The no-name visor on a balding head is a bold choice.

  6. Yes, but he was saying that before Q was "invented" or wtv Q is. Since lehi. He's definitely far right though and possibly Q follower too. I was just wondering if I'd missed something this episode that he said. Redditors explained it was the patriarch stuff. That's religion based imo

  7. EXACTLY - huge difference. It may be her teacher voice. She's taught little kids. Her voice at home is her "Why did I ever marry this guy" voice.

  8. Funny perspective. I teach k-5 and I definitely have a different voice/tone with my kinders than my fifth graders or my “normal voice”. My personal friends who know me as direct, crass and potty mouthed can’t picture me teaching kinders and calling them “friends” 😂 us teachers are great actors.

  9. On the flip side, I'm pretty quiet typically and teach 7th and 8th. I can get LOUD and blunt when I'm with my middle schoolers.

  10. Oh yeah, I’m much louder and direct with my fifth graders.

  11. I stopped wearing mine and instantly liked OT better and listened to my body instead of watching the screen. Never put it back in. Still had my Apple Watch going.

  12. If you’re struggling with addiction, PNW may not be a great place to go.

  13. I was getting strong Napoleon Dynamite vibes when he stormed off downstairs when she was moaning about the smell

  14. Literally just watched that part and thought the EXACT same thing!

  15. Doesn’t matter. Hit by pitch is hit by pitch. Batter should make an attempt to get out of the way but nobody ever calls that.

  16. The Wikipedia page is far more terrifying.

  17. I’m a little miffed that they showed Whitney signing the letter in her house. In real life you have to get the letter notarized. I wish we could’ve seen her jump through that hoop to really showcase how crazy Mormonism is.

  18. I’m an exMormon and I just called the church and asked them to remove my name from the records. No problem. I’ve never heard from them again. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  19. I was livid! They have invented coats, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves and long underwear. If you can stand outside on your stupid dirt pile you can stand outside to spend time with your daughter!

  20. Yes! I started thinking about all the ways they could meet outside. I live in the rainy PNW and being outside is pretty miserable several months out of the year. It’s dry in flagstaff! Bundle up, grab a portable propane heater and some hot chocolate and hang out on the patio for an hour a few times a week. Somehow we all managed through Covid and shittier weather. He is such a puke.

  21. His stammering in this scene made it seem like even the producer gave him a funny look and he had to face how ridiculous he sounded.

  22. I was dying at the part too. He turned red and started bumbling.

  23. Uses surgical gloves AND a rusty bobby pin. Balance.

  24. Portland vs Portland and Portland is losing.

  25. Is this from this year? I feel like Amy would be super nice in person actually?

  26. My mom met her at a farmers market at the coast and said she was incredibly nice and took a pic with her.

  27. If you want to be “toned”, you need to increase your lean muscle mass and decrease your body fat. Note: generally speaking, you can’t increase muscle mass and decrease body fat at the same time. One requires a calorie surplus, the other requires a calorie deficit.

  28. Very much explains her constant head movement and face twitches.

  29. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they erased it! And that was incredibly satisfying.

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