1. Rap, I just love the beat and the lyrics are sometimes nice

  2. Cuz its my first year on reddit and IDUNNO WTD AT CAKE DAYS

  3. I realize I have been on this platform for that long already.

  4. It just links to another video. No matter what video you change the url and it goes there.

  5. 🤔🤔 maybe they like showing off, people complimenting them, admiring them. And most do it for money.

  6. As a guy, yes but I wanna know the reason behind it

  7. Its up to u, if ur really interested on running ur own. But its quite challenging since im a mod from a growing monika server lol

  8. So I was in the beach with my best friends. I was looking at the sunrise then when I turned around, I saw a helicopter with a shark as its roller blade upside down then the "HELICOPTER HELICOPTER" song played

  9. I just left them, then took my time recover then pursue another

  10. To celebrate it with the people I never get to see everyday but only every summer like my relatives.

  11. No cellphone days every now and then. Like imo, its the dumbest rule just because its like living in prison without ur cellphone

  12. So that would just be living in Prison. No cellphones in Prison.

  13. Maybe my ex lied to me that they are 19 and also the fact that my ex said that she is my ex friend's step sister but in reality my ex is actually her mom

  14. I think what you can do is to apologize for fighting her

  15. I hate to say this cuz its cringe when I watch it with my sis but imo its Blippi

  16. Success is done by hardwork, not by talent or intellect

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