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  1. This has unironically become a defense that Marvel fans on Twitter use towards anyone that criticizes the MCU. It’s been a very weird time to be a film fan

  2. My favorite is Paul Thomas Anderson leaving in the middle of the Boogie Nights commentary to take a piss, coming back, and going “oh and here’s a shot of Mark Wahlberg snorting cocaine”

  3. Haven’t seen Boogie Nights, did Marky Mark showed his Funky Bunch? (I’m talking about Cock and Balls)

  4. Sort of. He shows a penis, but it’s a prosthetic one, since the point of the movie is that his penis is supposed to be like 14 inches

  5. Unironically yes. CGI movies should not exist.

  6. I laughed so hard in the theater when she said that line while others around me were clapping

  7. I’ve been buying DVDs since I was younger. I was really into video game cartoons like the Mario Super Show or Sonic Underground as a kid, but there was no TV channel I had that aired it. So I would have to seek out the DVDs in Marshall’s bins. My collecting habit has just been going ever since. I just love movies and TV shows and so I wanna collect them as a result

  8. hilarious that they shoot these two entrances like it’s brad pitt doing a guest appearance on an episode of friends

  9. Cause that’s exactly what it is. It’s a guest appearance in a comedy by two famous actors that have some sort of connection to the material, with a gap left in the film for the audience watching it to lose their fucking shit

  10. Calling that film a comedy is unbelievably generous.

  11. Comedies can have dogshit humor. That last Judd Apatow movie was definitely a comedy, it just had dogshit humor

  12. For a minute there, my penis burned. My penis buuuuurrrrned

  13. Andy would be b-worded if it was actually his favorite film

  14. Very rare L from Chris Lol I really like lift off

  15. My parents were fighting so I started playing the piano

  16. Some more scenes I would have loved to see:

  17. 4. A scene where Peter Griffin laughs at Tom Hanks contracting AIDS

  18. I wonder if it will be the artist that Kid Cudi had a very public very recent falling out with

  19. Considering God Might Judge is a lot like a certain hit rap song from that year, it makes sense that he had recorded it in 2018 lol

  20. Two people didn’t write it though. The other credit is Ritchie Souf, the producer. Producers get writing credits

  21. I have the dumb. Could someone explain please?

  22. There’s a skit on Vinyl Days where Tony Revelori, an actor best known as Flash in the MCU Spider-Man movies, keeps calling Logic asking to hang out and such only to never get his calls picked up

  23. I don’t think that’s him at 34. That looks like a much older photo

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