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  1. so... how do you transfer the 80.000 BTC to the trustee if the keys are lost ?

  2. we get to keep all Wrights equity. He is suing left and (w)right for millions of BTC and at least 80k of those is ours

  3. Ahh so they already recide on mtgox addresses ? And the trustee won't have to 'return' them ?

  4. What's the prices of fireworks in USA ?

  5. really nice driving .-.. but the framerate of 12,6679834556 gives me nausia :-/

  6. This is unlikely.. there's only one thing Putin fears, and that's NATO

  7. True. I love rising as well, but I don't see what you mean about Fusion. I grew up on it, and I wouldn't say it was bad.

  8. Congratulations on getting A+ on all levels !

  9. Det er godt nok svært at være venstreorienteret de her dage. Der er vitterligt ingen af partierne jeg gider stemme på.

  10. Consider upgrading your computer before attempting to use visual studio...

  11. Hehe, it's not all bad. But there IS a constant struggle with this framework.

  12. Disadvantages section from the page:

  13. Just pile up all the public holidays and meet people decide when to use them as vacation.. i guess there's around 1-2 weeks worth?

  14. Prove it works on earth, then ship it...

  15. Tricket er at man ikke BEHØVER lave noget sammen hele tiden.

  16. What language / framework do you make it in ?

  17. in WPF it would be relatively simple to create an interface where you could select pins and all that jazz..

  18. How's Auto IT for employer?

  19. I don't think you needed that camera for that photo ...

  20. Estonia and Finland should build a bridge between them.. a solid bridge

  21. How many calories are in three Indian families?

  22. And 7 hours of python execution is 1 minute of C execution

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