1. Don’t suppose you’re NYC based are you? I believe this is a watch from my birth year and I’ve been trying to track one down for ages.

  2. I do this at home but the name is “oh no the humans have been drinking wine again”.

  3. Get the dawnguard rune hammer. The block feature makes a fire rune and it’s a ton of fun to use.

  4. I never understood this. I’m already planning my next two moves when its my turn

  5. I’d say it’s more important in RPG games like baulders gate or DnD. Am I picking the right subclass? Right stats for strength? Etc

  6. I audibly chuckled at this one. I’m unfamiliar with that producer. Thinned out with some Zinfandel or something? Over oaked?

  7. Magnien, lascombes, flacianello, Dunn, to name a few

  8. If you want to try more wine combos I recommend a high acid white from France like chablis to go with Camembert.

  9. Oh I know, and frankly I did enjoy the imperial operative story line. Everyone who raved about it were spot on, that was a fantastic story. That being said, and to show my age a bit, I'm still bitter about swtor mostly due to it having star wars galaxies shut down to reduce competition. Even though star wars galaxies did not have crazy storylines like swtor, it had a universe you could LIVE in.

  10. Galaxies still remains one of my favorite gaming experiences. a more modern take on the same era would be refreshing, but I understand why that game wouldn’t succeed in todays market

  11. In my opinion there needs to be some packaging laws in place. Go to any southern state right now and gas stations will be selling nerds rope, rice krispy treats, and Doritos and gummies that will all get you high (delta 8). And in a lot of cases there's no prominent warnings, it's colorfully packaged like a kids product, and sometimes even rips off the original branding. This stuff gets around with actual weed in some places too, but it all needs to be black wrappers and resealable with a child proof lock like prescriptions and alcohol (maybe a bit easier to open but still harder than opening a brownie)

  12. Yeah, it’s something that irks me as I get older. We make all these cutesy labels for kids candy, but then they also do it for weed laced treats and even beer. I get high as anyone else does but I can’t fathom how they don’t regulate labels the same way we prevented joe cool from selling camel cigarettes.

  13. I just want to go on record saying that Craig is an absolute gentleman, and Very friendly in real life. I’ve met him a few times and have nothing but positive experiences with him.

  14. I like your tiny hat. It’s someone else’s for sure but you wore it better

  15. Had Schrader Double Diamond last night with a dry aged tomahawk steak. Delicious!

  16. Double diamond is to date my favorite QPR California cab.

  17. Duck breast is my usual pairing for A-tier Burgundy like this. Could also consider a quiche.

  18. My birth year vintage from a high end producer like this would be awesome. Any other left banks your suggest from 1990?

  19. Wow great price. Does Hamilton make steel bracelets for this model?

  20. Let me know if you’re ever in NYC I can discount billecart rose on 6 bottles. Beats zachys prices.

  21. The best ones, imo, come from Australia and New Zealand. It's a dry white. And my favorites taste like rubber and honey. I'm sure there are better words, but that's often what comes to mind for me

  22. Don’t ignore whites from Bordeaux. Usually Sauvignon blanc blended with semillion. I’m a fan of stuff from the graves appellation but you’ll also find stuff from entre-deux-mers

  23. Best value Margaux in my opinion. Chevalier de lascombes also comes to mind if you liked this.

  24. If you bought this in NY ask the store for a replacement - I work with zev rovine and they have been very cool with replacing any bottles that were faulty.

  25. I love this idea. I’m in the same age range and reasonably experienced in 5E. If you’re still looking let me know and I’ll submit my 2 character ideas

  26. No there are castles in the US. NY state has over 20

  27. Find a local Redditor on this sub that will show up and end it for you. It could be funny to just have that ask and see what unfolds.

  28. This is such a great point. Honestly it maybe would have been as big as GoT if marketing and distribution were as modern as they were for GoT

  29. I disagree. I LOVED both shows, but you have to remember that GOT was the REASON that hbo changed their distribution model and finally got into streaming. The first seasons of GOT were unavailable on their website for about 24 hrs after it aired IIRC.

  30. Couldn’t you say that about most wines in a restaurant?

  31. Normally I'd disagree and say that the primary difference is that in a restaurant I'd be consuming this glass with a dish I cannot otherwise prepare for myself (like michelin starred desserts and the like).

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