1. Same that's why I keep female V's pants for the entire game

  2. And I thought I was the only one! Its literally the best looking pants I've found so far.. even if the stats are low.

  3. Looks like it might need more sun or nutrients. Usually yellowing is a sign of not enough sun or nutritional deficiencies. The soil looks very dry as well. You might need to water it more often.

  4. It is literally in the sun all day. Maybe thats the problem? It also gets watered everyday.

  5. Your soil could be too acidic, get a pH test to find out. They're inexpensive and can find them at a garden store.

  6. I decided that I'm just going to load a save from when I was still in Clouds. I didn't get too far after that any way.

  7. Ejection is the one known, fairly common weak spot of the 15-22, and it seems to be kinda gun-dependent.

  8. Yes, but I wouldn’t order from Optics Planet. Note it says “Estimated to ship within 2-4 months” below the 15-22 model. Try here:

  9. Came here to say this. I loved the first like 4-5 seasons. Even season 2....

  10. Yep, exact same issue here. I played my original server solo, no problems, for about 7 hours, with a sudden crash to desktop while attacking a boss. Every time I try to log back into the server it goes through connecting 1/5 - 5/5, then says connection error. Still can't get back into that game days later.

  11. I would like to keep it in the sig family. Around $250 to $300 max.

  12. I had these guys outside for a few days and would bring them in at night.

  13. They can weaken the plant and should be removed. Ordinary dish soap diluted in water, just enough to get it to make suds, sprayed on the aphids with a handheld spray bottle, or sponged on, will take care of them.

  14. Thanks so much. I was just reading that some people use cayenne pepper in the solution. Is that recommended?

  15. You probably wont lose these, however they do look stressed for being so young, but keep them inside for a day or two with limited sun, get them looking good and green and they'll make it.

  16. This is 5 weeks? Id say you might not have been watering enough from day 1.

  17. Ha well, I didn't have a greenhouse dome. I had a spray bottle and a south facing office window.

  18. They are cotyledons. They should NOT be yellowing. It means the plant is missing fertilizer.

  19. I will give them some fertilizer in the morning and see if it does the trick. Any recommendations? I use Espoma Herb and Vegetable mix.

  20. That’s definitely sketchy for squash. I think these will be fine for a little longer. It’s either that or they potentially get cold damage.

  21. Thanks! I never used it in 1 or 2, but I feel like I could have gotten some nice pictures.

  22. That is insane. Especially if you go to a local reptile show. You can get one for $100 if that.

  23. If they came from a petstore or low quality breeder I've seen them slap fancy, fire, and pastel on normal ball pythons that have any slight color difference. Still pretty normals but extra blushing or a more yellow patter doesn't make them a whole other morph 😂.

  24. I have the exact same issue. I downloaded epic games just so I can get Anno 1800 since it isn't on steam and its really on sale right now.

  25. You need hardneck garlic sown in late fall. It winters over and you harvest in early summer.

  26. This! I planted my garlic for this season in October. It started budding in November. We had the worst winter in a few years here with storms giving us 19 inches at a time.

  27. If you want a good series that will leave you feeling empty when you are done, may I suggest Mass Effect?

  28. Looks good! Hopefully the slugs don't get to it! Bastards love wet mulch, ate most of mine last year.

  29. Try switching to a new map. Thats what I always did when I got bored. On my playthrough, I would get my favorite base, eliminate all hearts and loot every single thing from the map. Then I would change maps and rinse and repeat until I went all the way to trumble.

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