Return of the Dream Canteen

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  1. I think this is because if Gideon had said that to the family and the kidnapper had harmed the twinnie then there’d have been holy hell. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver …

  2. Congrats OP, enjoy every single moment because they grow up and change so fast

  3. So hyped for this! My morning has already been made when I saw their email about this

  4. Shave your natural eyebrows off and then draw something that makes you look like a monster 👹

  5. Years ago I covered my natural eyebrows in foundation. Drew on McDonald arches eye brows and went down stairs to show my daughter and her friend how ridiculous they looked! It soon stopped 🤣

  6. Tell me you like anal without telling me you like anal

  7. Congrats on the Baby Pepper :)

  8. Slightly envious, these are amazing. Wish they’d had some of this in Manchester

  9. Flea - best friend hug. Chad - big squishes of hugs. Anthony - bro hugs. John - the hugs that fix, like when you’ve had a bad/long day

  10. Loved it, loved it. Finally got to see them play live - a 20 something plus years dream came true! Right on time had me screaming and singing along like a real fan girl

  11. Ah I’m so glad you got to see them! Right on Time started as I was queuing for the toilet, I felt awful even going during the set but needs must🤣 I would’ve ran back to my seat but I was already half way through the door and didn’t wanna leave the queue😂 So glad you had a good time!

  12. Nature always calls at the wrong time. If you want a vid clip of this drop me a DM and I’ll email it you. Don’t worry, nothing untoward haha

  13. Yep through Ticketmaster. I’ve had that email too! I’m really hoping that they turn up soon

  14. OP, back to let you know my tickets have just arrived, which I’m massively relieved about. Kept thinking the 22nd isn’t that many days away

  15. I haven’t got my tickets for Manchester on the 22nd yet, and I ordered mine as soon as they went on sale I’m getting a bit tetchy about it tbh

  16. RHCP- dosed The temper trap- sweet disposition

  17. Earphones in and go for a long walk

  18. Winds of change - scorpions?

  19. Voted for Breaking the girl but Give it away is the one that has me banging on my car steering wheel like a Chad wannabe

  20. Don’t know about vaping. Getting back into the centre, I’m getting on the tram, literally the tram stop is about 2 mins walk from LCC and stops at Piccadilly

  21. Yeah me too, we all need more hugs... I received my last hug 6 years ago... ;(

  22. Haven’t had bathroom scales for around 12 years. If I’m putting on or even losing weight my clothes will be the first to let me know

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