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  1. Never thought republicans would support a dude who makes liberals favorite cars and solar panels. I'm all for it.

  2. Possible scenario: cpu is stuck to heatsink with thermal paste and instead of

  3. It's more of a twisty rockey motion. It's hard to explain but you're just breaking the seal from the paste. It comes off easy after.

  4. Out of the 4/5 I have worked on they all came stuck to the cooler. But i never bent the pins like this man wtf did he do. The whole time I have only bent a single pin which I just pushed back with tweezers. The cpu wasnt even stuck that time

  5. The low graphics quality can be deceptive. These aren't the most well optimized games on PC, and the sheer amount of enemies on screen and the explosions can cause slowdowns even on decent hardware (at 4K or higher, at least).

  6. Tell me about it I have a 5800x3d and 3060ti certain combinations of lots of enemy’s and certain weapons/explosives can give me frame drops. I don’t know what the people on low end experience

  7. Set search conditions to hide the password lobbies and u can join whatever difficulty u want. Its pretty small playerbase tho so usually i see the same small set of players on.

  8. How? I would have thought for licensing that MS, Maxis, or Cinematronics would have to be the publisher?

  9. Who is Adrian Wagner? Clearly this is a fake copy right?

  10. From what you're saying, I sense that they move so many of these x3d's these last few months that they cut corners on packaging for them.

  11. I got my antonline 5800x3d 2 days ago. Came exactly as you said, Retail box in an unpadded envelope. Worked great thankfully tho.

  12. for the new EDF recruits in the main line games 4.1 and 5 offline and online armor and weapons are shared (so there's nothing wrong with blitzing the game on easy/normal in single player picking up as many armor and weapon boxes as you can before jumping onto hard difficulty online)

  13. I’m new my brother played single player like a month we before I bought it. He couldn’t play with his offline account with me and had to make a new one. Did he just misunderstand or is this a very very recent change

  14. Stop at 15 is the only thing I learned here

  15. I have never seen this, is this a new feature or am i dumb. But thb it seems stupid and only wastes bandwith. Every year reddit's usuability goes down, how can they not fix their video players and lag still.

  16. That mom is an asshole. She’s trying to make her kid cry for the views! That is psychological torture!

  17. The way he says "I'm not mad at you. its okay" That's something he learned from his parents who are obviously great parents. They don't deserve any of the shit they are getting from reddit. Reddit has an extremist mentality. You have to be Mother Teresa or else you are a monster.

  18. An interesting question, and some of the comments have done a good job of explaining things. Let me explain a little differently.

  19. 3. I was a little confused by the phone text part. I thought the cellphone he had was inversed or someshit. You explained what really happened. He gets a timestamp from the text and he inverts to reach it.

  20. Yes that is a genuine question, and I don't have any clues as to why they are not shown.

  21. Do u think their should be a tenet 2 maybe a Neil prequel protagonist sequel?

  22. A lot of cars functionalities in the touch screen menus (In settings, etc) are disabled during driving, and only re-enable when you come to a stop. It doesn't completely stop someone from going into the menus since the radio is part of it, but it at least helps.

  23. this shit is so fucking annyoing. Going through all the menu to the add phone is okay, but selecting the phone is not. stupid and infuriating. Let my switch to bluetooth audio

  24. you can't quite see it, but they can retract their legs into the bubble reducing the risk

  25. One retracks into the ball only to have the bull almost crush him

  26. I have some similar to this on my keychain. You need to round the corners. Very sharp painful mistake might happen if you trip

  27. Digged some more, I think this one is used for the clip:

  28. How did u narrow it down to the specific remix of the song

  29. Ripped pull-upTioc. I’m not gonna call him short to his face

  30. Reddit has a huge love boner for pitbulls and its so fucking weird.

  31. Reddit has the least love boner. They have a hate boner with a hole subreddit to shitting on them. Facebook has a love boner tho.

  32. Absolutely fair price. If you're open to shipping for more money, let me know and we can PM :)

  33. I bought mine bit after the peak for $700. I tell myself I don't care about the $400 difference but its still always on my mind living rent free.

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