1. ...a tribute...? Did he die? I honestly didn't know, damn... I don't even watch him but this is awful.

  2. Yes, Technoblade sadly died of cancer. I haven't watched any of his videos but my cousins watch him and it was sad when I heard the news. A video was uploaded to his channel a couple of hours ago in which his father read Technoblade's last message for his community

  3. I see them everywhere in my town too. Hayden is up to something again

  4. See, people say that. And I understand why. She's lied about rape, she's defended my rapist in court. But the thing is, she's had terrible mental health. She has paranoid schizophrenia which she denies. She has been abused as a child but also by professionals in the medical area (she was given some type of treatment which is illegal now but wasn't back then where they tie her up and shock her brain. They did that to her 14 times against her consent and she now has no memory of certain things and certain people)

  5. I'm sorry for your mother. And I'm sorry for making such an accusation without base.

  6. It's okay. I'm not angry at you, because I understand that, on paper, she sounds awful. But in depth, it's more complex than that. Stuff like this is never black and white

  7. Thanks. I really hope you'll one day get to go to South Africa. And I really hope your mother stays well.

  8. I have no fucking idea what this means and what's the difference between left or right.

  9. How about instead of complaining about it on Reddit, you actually talk to her and explain her, perhaps adding some sources

  10. Now, I am no expert but I doubt asking on Reddit will be of any use. You should ho around your neighborhood and see if someone needs a hand for something and get payment. You could do a list of chores you can do at home and depending on the chores you get a set amount of money. Or, if you're old enough, you can go and work at a part-time job, tho since you live in the Philippines I'm not sure about this last one.

  11. This subreddit is about sharing comic strips or messages that have the classic message of "Phones are Bad". This subreddit is NOT about complaining about phones. How about you read the rules before posting

  12. Is not sharing comics strips, or messages, saying phones are bad. A way of complaining?

  13. Your complaining about technical parts of a phone. This subreddit is for sharing people complaining about the effects of phones on society, younger generations etc.

  14. Well, bear the end of the game the Shogun seemed to absolutely hate Jin, prioritizing Jin's capture over the invasion of Tsushima. So we could see Jin go to mainland Japan perhaps


  16. I personally dont believe this and many other people see it my way too

  17. Man, you know I'm actually suffering on the sidewalk while you're saying it's fake.

  18. On the sidewalk arguing with other teens on Reddit. Yea, I dont believe that

  19. To be fair, at least using Fahrenheit it's a more precise temperature reading

  20. I disagree, personally I think Celsius is much easier to understand. For example in the Celsius system water freezes at 0⁰ and boils at a 100⁰. But at the end it all comes on where and how people were raised and which system why use the most

  21. On some space stations you'll find some characters taht glow: these are Travellers. You can talk to them and they'll tell you their story. If you talk to them a second time you can ask where they came from, at which point they'll give you coordinates for their grave within the system. Just go there and interact with the grave. There are 16 of them and can be used on portals to give ti different worlds. I suggest you search up a tutorial on YT

  22. Thank you! So it will take visiting at least 16 systems?

  23. wait, what?? I’ve never read dbz, only super. I know the basic story of it, but what the fuck?

  24. I think he refers to the original Dragon Ball series: there's a scene where kid Goku finds out Bulma has no d or balls and he says it stinks. At least that's how I remember it...

  25. Now that I think of it, matter is quite probably Dark Matter's stand due to the fact that there's much more dark matter than normal matter

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