1. I've no idea why people think he's still faking it, back issues never go away

  2. I've been dealing with it myself for 33 years. VA and Army doctors blame jumping out of airplanes but none of them can say what's wrong. And they want to do exploratory surgery to see if they can find the problem. Yeah, no thanks.

  3. If you’re worried about a 7th round qb taking Ridders job then you’re really in trouble, jersey sales alone would be worth drafting Stetson

  4. Shit... I use powdered dark chocolate from Ghirardelli in my coffee. I had no idea.

  5. Who is the audience for dark chocolate? I haven't found one I liked even remotely, but I see it everywhere these days. It's obviously popular. What's the appeal?

  6. I'm addicted to it. I use it in my coffee...

  7. Wow that's less than the amount of TV kids we're watching in the 90s

  8. In the 80s during the summer we couldn't leave the house until our mom got home. We did morning chores and then it was TV shows or Atari. We probably had 4 to 6 hours of screen time a day easily.

  9. And then it bottlenecks after going through the toll. Fuck that shit.

  10. Look around. Most cars have 1-2 doors open and there's a ton of trash on the ground. This is not an "express"way.

  11. I would too, especially because of the annoying music that comes from their videos.

  12. Explain where I said it did or would... Lmao... Bless your heart though.

  13. Having worked in retail, this 100% is from a vocal minority that screeched about there needing to be a sign. I had a lady try to get me fired for speaking Spanish to a customer who had a hard time with English. She had the nerve to call me a racist when I told her I would speak whatever language I felt like speaking. Another person wanted a discount because her grandson was serving in the Army. She got mad when I said no and told me I wouldn't feel that way if I had served in the military. I let her know I'm a veteran and come from a military family. Another dumbass tried buying gift cards with actual Monopoly game money...

  14. This guy is going way overboard, but it’s not completely wrong to blame transplants from California for rising home prices. That’s not coming from a place of hate, there were articles here in Denver over the years that did confirm some of the problem was cash from California. Just throwing that out there.

  15. Not really or else the same, ogic should be applied to how California became so expensive. Same kind of issue, rich transplants came in and drove up prices forcing native Californians to find affordable housing somewhere else. It might be one of the factors but it's not a major one. They're marketed fear from their fake conservative media that tells them to fear immigrants, Democrats and Californians. That they are the source of their problems when in reality technology, to include AI, is what drives up prices and takes over jobs.

  16. These kind of people believe really stupid shit. Probably have Fox News Entertainment on all day long being fed fear.

  17. Isn't that dad the one that did those Ring camera skits about his neighbor's wife cheating?

  18. I'm the same way. Unless it's super nasty I can't tell that it's a curve or slider. I just blame my lack of depth perception.

  19. "SEE quite frankly, this play is why I think I'm possibly the greatest defender of all time. And I'm only saying possibly to be polite "

  20. You're right, every team should just quietly bend over and take it instead of trying to hold the league accountable over a mistake that could cost them a playoff spot.

  21. Hey if our military can bend over quietly and take the big green weenie everyday these poor millionaires can too. /s

  22. Imma do a Jody one. New bucket list item. ✅

  23. Don't ever live near a military base. I just saved your life.

  24. A term used to call the other men that a military member’s wife or girlfriend sees or dates while her husband or boyfriend is serving. In essence, “Jody” is the man who steals a soldier’s girlfriend or wife. Aka. Mr. Steal Your Girl!

  25. Against the road warriors too, smart.

  26. I love her reaction and willingness to just go for it. I've been having a bad day and this definitely cheered me up.

  27. I'll allow it. It's technically a movie line from Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon movies. He's who Tapp is played by in a Saw and Saw 2.

  28. 15k is a silly place to set the bar, I browse reddit daily and make plenty of comments and only have about 12k in 9 years.

  29. Jesus... It was an arbitrary number. Don't take offense, lol.

  30. That's not my problem. There are a lot of people who use reddit with multiple accounts that use accounts they made years ago to troll subs that hit the front page. It's an arbitrary number that I used, it's not that fucking deep, lmao.

  31. Again, you can't defend your stance so you talk shit.

  32. No, I stated a fact. There is no shit to talk.

  33. Take 6 months off from watching these cable "news" networks and come back to them. You'll see what I mean. They all market fear and Americans lap it up.

  34. Magic has more championships, more finals MVP, more MVP awards, more all star appearances and more all nba first team awards in less time. It's Magic for now.

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