1. You mean "running away" from home? I made it to the driveway before being scared back inside by lightning. Damn that must've been like 18 years ago.

  2. When my dad told me the "Amish paradise guy" had died I was so devastated to think that Weird Al had passed away.

  3. And Hires root beer! Never had it but I have seen the antique advertising trays.

  4. I still have some of those cookies in my closet.

  5. I wonder if they get sick of all the 666 jokes?

  6. What a coincidence that I would be just thinking of this series when I'd seen on

  7. Love the 17th century middle English spelling. xD

  8. Dopefish lives as of 1996, no news about him today though.

  9. On King of The Hill, it was called Shelwyn's.

  10. Was there a separate Nickelodeon network that showed older shows?

  11. Hey come on, my memory idn't what it used to be. I ain't as spry as I once was.

  12. A typical day in Tove Jansson's mind.

  13. Yeah, I remember the commercials featuring the big green Moomin hulk.

  14. As a second degree Moominist, I'm very pissed off that they didn't approve the Moominhouse set.

  15. I love when everything looked bubbly and glassy!

  16. How could one not know who Bozo is?

  17. Can't even haunt people? That blows!

  18. I love those ludicrous and whimsical cards from the 20th century. Who needs a broom when you can hit 80 miles an hour in the melon~mobile?

  19. Winston tastes good like a ch-chk! cigarette should!

  20. To see the world around us, this book's a perfect guide. Didn't the fish always get pissed off when they sang that song like Bob the tomato did in veggietales?

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