1. I really have a sour taste for competitive stages. They just ban shit left and right. Can’t even have a slight incline in your hazards off version. Do not even get me started on Pokémon Stadium. Fuck Pokémon stadium.

  2. I was an Ann simp during my first playthrough of Persona 5 Royal.

  3. I love that they didn’t want to censor Ann, so they got around it by having her face the opposite direction and turning around to cheer if you get a KO. It’s super funny.

  4. I know that her canon last name is jones,but meh,polestar sounds better

  5. A while back, I wrote a fanfiction series under the basis of Giygas getting to the chosen 4 as babies and trying to turn them into puppets to reign terror. I call them The Fallen Four due to them being a lost timeline as I couldn’t bare to actually do it to the actual Chosen 4.

  6. Ah Bumblebee... "She is not protecting me and i am not protecting her we are protect each other" 😭😭

  7. The only fandom that would start a witch hunt me for saying my OC-centric cross canon fic wouldn’t contain any Bumblebee. And can’t stand seeing Blake and Yang get pissy with my OCs

  8. I remember that damn falcon. I wish we had more people that played Ganon or dr mario.

  9. God dammit I’ll take a Mashy brainless Falcon years before a fucking doctor Mario.

  10. I just want to see something else then captain falcon spamming his 4 hit combo and trying to spike you at 30 percent. Anything else.

  11. I pick ness because despite his PSI capabilities, nobody has rammed a sword into his face before

  12. Actually, Ness has been shot and stabbed before. He fights people with knives and guns in some parts of the game. Not that it particularly matters because the fact we’re fighting a canon Ness would mean he’d have time to heal himself before he succumbs to his wounds.

  13. I mean…he can also teleport. I’d imagine he’d also know he had to fight you. And he doesn’t hesitate to attack people either. So good luck with that.

  14. Next you're gonna tell me your oc are decent people who own up to their mistakes. The absolute horror.

  15. It’s an interesting question. All 3 of these characters have interesting combo trees and unique crazy setups they can YOLO at will that are hidden behind their projectile spam.

  16. I have no idea. Have Ren and Nora even confessed feelings to each other prior to V8? I know they’ve kissed at some point.

  17. The third one is the strongest. I die to that piece of shit every time.

  18. Not sure if many people will come in, but I'll be leaving my Final Fantasy IX fics

  19. Already left a review here on it’s most recent chapter, those scrolling by, I encourage to check out.

  20. Jaune gets the most screen time and clearly is a writer’s pet for anything.

  21. A horrible decision, really. Ah well, at least the other versions exist.

  22. So glad Smash Bros decided to make her Japanese Artwork the official one.

  23. It's a good thing, many writers can't take their fics in desired direction because they restrict themselves with already established plot points and arcs.

  24. Makes sense, the only reason I even included a slight beacon arc instead of dumping my characters into the story in volume 4 was so I’d have time to better establish them as characters.

  25. Yeah. I felt them getting used to the world of RWBY instead of RNGR half-Assing explanations would work best for an audience coming off mainly Fire Emblem and Smash Bros.

  26. Optimal Kazuya spams EWGF in neutral out of a canceled EWGF wdym

  27. Easier than cleaning up the puke, I'm pretty sure it is established when she lives with Emily that she doesn't like to clean.

  28. The spouses like to "decorate" occasionally. Usually they're not very good at it. xD

  29. they could rework the moveset to fit well with coconut gun/barrels. also could potentially mean no more bullshit DK side b

  30. No bury side b? And all he gets is a shit projectile on par with Diddy’s Peanut gun? Yes please!

  31. Mega Man and Snake, played correctly are some of the coolest characters in Smash. In a similar boat to The big Pac.

  32. I didn’t know I could until Haley told me she filled my cats water bowl.

  33. Wish I could afford to have my Team Commissioned your artwork is lovely!

  34. I have no idea what this is but an opposite Ruby is now something I now I need more of.

  35. I write a fanfiction like that, sorta like an OC team opposite to RWBY. Though it’s a crossover with Super Smash Bros

  36. i dont mind the graphics just for what they are (besides the dehydrated piss swamps, what the fuck), but rather since the game is coming from Nintendo/Game Freak and you're getting a pokemon game with PS2 graphics and instances of Pokemon looking like DK Country enemies with their frame rates (ik its to keep the game from being laggy, just funny to think about), and with how Pokemon games are progressively getting more and more mid over time, really just feels like an unfinished or low-effort game. i think the game is good considering its a spinoff, but it also doesnt let us see a good future for Pokemon games.

  37. No I agree I don’t think you’re arguing, I had a friend who I finally convinced to buy a switch. And he still adores Pokémon, but only wanted to pick up legends because he had seen such great things about it.

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