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  1. Lmao khamzat probably forgot all the Russian he knew...brathar what Russian I don kno dis language

  2. here 3-4 classes is like 45€ a month (my master is a 6th degree with all the kukkiwon courses and everything)

  3. Aikido would be your best bet...I mean you cant meet 700lbs with force so use his force against him lol

  4. Div 20 five seasons in a row tons of top 100 bodies on my page fuck around , and find out

  5. This is hilarious, big man is talking like he's gonna take his crew and beat you up

  6. explains why it's so big. Cejudos would never be that large

  7. I love the way he fell like he was asking for a cup of tea, greatest ko in my opinion

  8. An average dude might rearrange my face, no dispute. However Dan Hooker, on his current trajectory, probably doesn't survive the 1st round against me.

  9. ok you're trolling, hooker is still among the best lightweights on the planet, you're Braindead

  10. I see fighters now a days with more and more potential and skill. I think fights like this should happen before championship bouts or we may never see both guys fight in their prime . Also sometimes we as fans think guys are unstoppable and they have these runs where we question "well who did they fight along the way?"

  11. that just seems like a terrible bussiness decision, let them establish themselves, gain more following and THEN do this bout is what I'm guessing will happen

  12. Why tf u people always trying to put him in against strikers. Put him in against a wrestler ffs I don't need to see him take down another striker who won't put much resistance into the TDD and who can't get up

  13. Im pretty sure he was talking about Buckley not khamzat...

  14. "I'm pretty sure you can get them on eBay for about 29.99" -Michael Bisping

  15. Same way leon v usman went but problably without the headshot at the end, but who knowd maybe leon gets the comeback finish again hahaahhaha

  16. Imagine Till finally doesn't pull out of a fight and fights there too

  17. Tate is 6’4 220-239 and JJ is 6ft at 180ish. Just straight up two different weight classes.

  18. grown men out here gettin triggered about an inch. It’s all dudes who are 5’9 that are obsessed with JJ’s height 😂

  19. I mean I'm neither a grown man neither am I only 5'9, it's just a joke chill

  20. You either send then a letter asking for it to be converted or you do the 2nd dan exam

  21. I just don't really like tv shows, I've only watched one tv show to the end

  22. Not really tbh, although I agree Burns did damage he just opened a cut khamzat already had and busted his lip scar open

  23. As much as I love Nate, I've got to the honest, Khamzat is most likely gonna do the same thing Rory MacDonald did to him

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