1. The argument they are making is that they are teaching ecommerce skills but honestly what 8 year old is managing their business online, especially when they have no control over inventory, quality, shipping or profit. It's a joke

  2. I suggest not using troop funds to pay the entire cost of any activity. Ask the parents to pay a portion when they sign up, with the understanding that, after a set date, there's no refund if the girl backs out or doesn't show. (Depending on whether there's a refund from the activity.)

  3. This. We've learned over many years that if parents sont have to Pay, they dont have to come. They don't feel what they don't see and won't care the troop lost money. Go do your activities and take those that will go and have a great time. There will always be those who won't go for some reason or another.

  4. This is one of my Mom's biggest fears. She will not put up an umbrella in more than a light breeze. We've had them take flight enough to know ita dangerous.

  5. My coleader had no kids and she's been a leader 10 years now. I will say having a newborn will make it harder to volunteer but I'd welcome you surely. And my coleader has a 5 year old niece who will join our troop as Daisy this year and she will tell you she's waited her whole life for this.

  6. We had planned to go. My daughter was a delegate last go around (the one that was canceled and all virtual). She bridges to adults in May and it's just too expensive. She's heartsick over it.

  7. My council gives $50 start up funds to new troops. And then ask for a small amount per girl in dues.

  8. Buncome Antiques Mall on Wade Hampton

  9. Nearly New, it's run by the Junior League, near GVL Tech. Kind of a hidden gem.

  10. i wouldnt have said this in the past, but the last time i went to larkins it was not good at all. the food was at best mediocre, the sandwich i had was essentially on wonder bread with a tiny dollop of the sauce. the fries were cold. the service was slow and inattentive. and i've talked to some other people who said they had poor experiences there lately. used to love larkins but was very disappointed in my last trip there!

  11. We were at a corporate party at Larkins a few months ago. Service was nonexistent, food was cold and bland. I understand staffing shortages but it appeared there was plenty of staff standing along the walls, not sure what they were doing . Really not fun experience, doesn't inspire me to go back.

  12. One showed up on the list next door to me, but I know everyone in the house. It's their relative, who hasn't lived there since 1999. His name is just attached to the house, somehow. There's probably dozens of people on those lists who haven't lived at those addresses in years. Some might even be dead. Makes you wonder how often the list is cleaned out.. Thinking on it, I bet different counties and states don't talk to one another, so if a person registers on one list, and then moves and registers in a different state- they don't notify the last place to update their list. Some people probably have stacks of addresses they are registered to, on various lists across the country.

  13. This. AND if the house has any history of rental it can throw off results. There's a house in my neighborhood that shows up. It was a rental house almost 20 years ago and has changed hands 3 times since then.

  14. I've not used that one but I've used the troop badge in a box from central Indiana. Its been great. One box for 12 girls for $25 plus shipping.

  15. I've not used that one but I've used the troop badge in a box from central Indiana. Its been great. One box for 12 girls for $25 plus shipping.

  16. I've not used that one but I've used the troop badge in a box from central Indiana. Its been great. One box for 12 girls for $25 plus shipping.

  17. Ask in your SU and see if anyone has old copies. All of the materials are copywrite protected so an old copy or VTK are your best bet.

  18. I'd say report it except I doubt it will do any good. I reported our mail guy at my old work, he would dump 2 blocks worth of mail in one of the corner business and leave us to sort it out. He would refuse to take outgoing mail (told me it was a courtesy and he wasn't obligated) he would dump mail that was to be signed for in the porch and would try to force people to sign for mail for othet businesses. I called and filled out the online form. 3 days later I got a "How satisfied were you with how your complaint was handled email." I gave it all bad marks - since I never actually heard from anyone and clicked the "Please contact me" button. Nothing. Good luck. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.

  19. I will have 3 graduate this year, 2 are working towards Gold. I should have 2 more start Gold this year so frankly, thats my goal. Get my daughter through gold and graduation while steering her friends through the same. Gah.

  20. I'm so torn. My daughter was a delegate in 2020 and it was miserable and she hated it. She is graduating this year so shed be a Gold Award adult. She wants to go, but also after 2020 doesn't want anything to do with it. It's SO expensive but still we Sat, well maybe? I dunno

  21. It goes on the same side as the troop numbers. And yea, gets tight. If you run out of room, put it on the back or what I've done is - u got my daughter a canvas bag to carry her books and supplies with her ans we put extra badges/patches on it.

  22. Pintrest is your friend. As is the following websites for programming.

  23. Second Manning as it has that big truck center with the showers ans lockers and stuff right there on 95.

  24. Just be aware a LOT of what is mentioned here is closed on Sunday. So Google first.

  25. Yes we rode bikes as kids, but around our neighborhoods. Not across 4 lane roads, not in Woodruff rd or down 291.

  26. DIAGNOSED depression. Clinicians to diagnose are hard to get into see IF you have insurance or can pay for it.

  27. Boardwalk near congaree rd is another option. They are right behind Haywood Mall.

  28. Definately check in there. There are regular groups that meet there ans people wander in all the time looking for a regular game.

  29. Sometimes - what ever is coming out of Liam or Talesans mouth is so good, so well thought out, its hard to believe it's off the cuff. They both have - You caught me monolging! - moments.

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