Paid Ohio Poll Worker on Election Day

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  1. This is going to sound stupid, but I have mid thigh length straight hair and I have this issue ×10, (because of the length) and what I'm about to say works wonders for me: literally just run your fingers through your hair. No joking. Lean over and put your hair in front you like you're about to do a high ponytail, and run your fingers through it a few times like you're brushing with your hands. It takes like two seconds and will take my hair from looking like you're second picture back to your first picture. You don't have to be super aggressive about it, and you may have to do it periodically (I usually have to do this once every hour or two) but it works really well for me. I have medium thickness hair, and doing that about once every hour or two keeps my hair looking like your first picture. It won't necessarily be that well brushed, but it will look that way lol.

  2. I do this and it definitely works, sometimes I even do it over the hand dryer in the bathroom. I know it sounds silly but it works.

  3. I’m from Atlanta, you mean there are places you….don’t have to pump your own gas?

  4. My next birthday idea! Thank you

  5. Too realistic for me. I’ve squashed enough Palmetto Bugs and German Cockroaches to recognize the insides and that cake is just too much like the real thing (color n consistency of insides).

  6. Palmetto bugs scare me.. aren't they the ones that fly and are prominent in FL? I could be wrong though.

  7. I’ve only been clean a week. And am no dependent anymore and dont have cravings but i do wanna be able to relax just once a week or two. I know what its done to me before and i don’t think i’d allow it to happen again

  8. We all like to think we wouldn't allow it to happen. Do ya think we wanna lose our jobs, families, and over all life? Just my 2 cents. Good luck. But if it happened before it's very likely to happen again.

  9. Mobile orders have ruined the in-person experience at virtually every restaurant. You have to use a shitty app and order everything ahead and guess when it might be ready these days, otherwise like you said you end up waiting forever. You stand in an empty line while employees avoid eye contact because they are so swamped they don't even want to take another order.

  10. This is exactly why I walked out of job a few weeks ago. A server making 5.15 an hour, almost all orders are now grubhub, Doordash and ubereats. Barely getting any tips and actual sit down customers. One night I made a whopping $26 dollars bc of course I'm not getting tipped on the delivery orders. The owner couldn't understand why she can't keep employees so I reached in my apron pulled out my $26 and said this.. this is why. I wasn't even making minimum wage at the end of the day.

  11. Just wants to fish for compliments. Typical Reddit nonsense. On the acne Reddit we get the same thing. People with barely any scars posting selfies where they sort of pose to look good rather than showing their “scars”.

  12. I didn't even know this is a thing. I know what rabbit hole I'm going down tonight!

  13. personally I wouldn’t want to hang out at a lounge filled with strangers & smoke pot. Much easier to just have friends over & smoke in a familiar environment. & less concern about being followed by a cop when leaving. Nothing about this sounds appealing.

  14. I felt uncomfortable in Amsterdam, this was about 13 years ago. The concept of going to a coffee shop and smoking was so strange to me. It seemed like everyone mixed tobacco in their joints as well which is not really my thing. I really just wanted to go back to my hotel room and relax and smoke but they seemed to be very strict about not smoking in your room at both hotels I stayed in.

  15. yea I wasnt gonna take acid but I just had it around then decided to take it.

  16. Sounds like when I decided to quit last weekend and my bf thought it would be great to eat the acid I had stashed away. Yeh cause I wanna be dopesick and tripping?! I can't believe I even needed to explain it to him.

  17. Gubernatorial is one word that always makes me giggle. Dunno why. I also wish they’d use that instead of midterm.

  18. Cause it's just funny. Kinda like filibuster. Slangwhanger. Kerfuffle. These words make me laugh.

  19. I also like the house majority whip and house minority whip.

  20. I would see a lot of these stone walls in RI.

  21. A stink bug all dressed up and no where to go tonight. Never seen a stink bug looking so pretty

  22. Everyone's fixated on the Trump hat, which may or may not be illegal. But the shirt has the name of a Republican candidate in Ohio, Bill Johnson. That's a bigger issue, to put it mildly.

  23. I didn't even notice the hat until after the shirt.

  24. I was ready to say you forgot my favorite, but you corrected yourself!

  25. I am in the same area and oh man 2 years ago was sheer hell. Starting to see less though. Or maybe I'm just used to them by now. We have billboards that say stomp them out.

  26. My ex worked in a chemical/pharmaceutical factory there's a side where they make certain drugs and you have to be suited up with a respirator or you'll pass out or worse. I've had dreams of this scenario playing out in my mind in the event of an apocalypse. A girl can dream right..

  27. If I remember correctly the masks were for the fentanyl part of the building. I know they also made methadone. The state im in is 3rd for pharmaceutical manufacturing, if we're counting buildings and if i remember correctly. The factory also produced platinum or parts of it which are apparently in a lot more things than I wanted to know. He used to mix things like ruthenium in a kettle drum and one exploded and caught fire, he spent 6 weeks on a ventilator. Not a fun 6 weeks.

  28. $15 an hour worker here, we can not live off of that, the cheapest studio i can get is $1500 where i live.

  29. That drink is my hands down favorite drink!!

  30. Normally I'm on miralax but due to my laziness and procrastination issues it's been a good 2 weeks. My last resorts are and works every time, I literally squat all the way down on the tile floor as low as possible and sure enough it starts moving. It ain't pretty, and equates to giving birth but it gets the job done. One time I had the worst stomach pain I ended up in the ER and they had to administer the enema, so embarrassing but that's the life.

  31. You are the reason I love reddit. Ironically I'm on the shitter as I type this.

  32. If you’re a woman who lives alone maybe it’s ok. If you have a dick and/or kids it’s ‘gon get bad real quick. Even when you hit the water for the full duration of urinating as a man standing up 100% of the time, which is very unlikely, there will still be urine splashing up and out of the toilet and hitting surrounding areas.

  33. Reminds me of texting my bf yesterday at 8am that 'if I sit in piss one more time..' He has a habit of not lifting the seat. He texts back 'I swear I wiped it, I don't know how it got there' some dumb shit like that, only he sent the reply to his lawyer not me. His lawyer replied with a simple '?' 😂 I'm still in tears over this.

  34. There was a movie from the early two thousands I think. I'm pretty sure it will give you PTSD. It's called Joe's apartment. A guy moves into an apartment and realizes the cockroaches in this one can talk.

  35. I hear ya! Sad thing for me is I do both. I keep both just enough under control where it doesn’t interfere with my daily life but I am at the age I need to slow them both way down, but damn it’s hard!!!

  36. My brother got a DWI last night. He’s got two lil girls at home and his wife is pissed. I feel for him. Been there done that. I hope he can get ahold of it bc he’s going down fast. He lost like 40lbs in the last 4 months. Stopped eating and stuff, leaving work to go to his truck and drink

  37. That was me. I would drink in the bathroom at work until I turned grey at my desk one day and couldn't even hold my head up. Ended up with pancreatitis and that took 4 months of drinking. It's really hell. Happy to say I'm reaching 90 days. It was a long long road and still is. I hope he gets better! It can be done we just have to do it for ourselves, unfortunately doing it for our loved ones and kids only keeps us hanging on so long, in my experience.

  38. Hell no! Welcome to the club! 🥳

  39. Banning a child for a month isn't punishment or discipline. Seems like lazy half assed parenting. It's the puppy part that does it for me though, gave him a stern talking to huh? Also the barrier incident sounds the least of your worries. To me it just sounds like you don't like the little shit one bit and banning him solves YOUR problems.

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