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  1. I focus on the before vs after. Helps me trust the process more. Great art isn’t immediate and always looks whack at first

  2. I have a shelf for my toys with display cases to keep dust off. In my living room there’s an old dildo that I didn’t like so I put a little tuxedo on. He hangs out next to some vulvas I painted in water color lmao.

  3. Wacom Intuos is perfect imo. I have a small Intuos and a Huion Kamvas 13. I prefer the pen thickness and weight of the 13 but like the size of my Wacom better. My Kamvas was $250 and my Intuos was $50 (iirc)

  4. Art is about emotion, and in a place full of some of the most talented artists, doing something funny and simple is the best.

  5. The snapping! Ugh! Dude, it takes more than two fingers to make me come.

  6. Thank youuu, playing it rn, almost done with scorched earth & on my way to aberration :3

  7. I did a double take, I was sure I wasn’t in the ark sub. Great job!!!

  8. I loooove this! I have an obsession with white on black, it’s so beautiful.

  9. I use the Planta one. It’s pea protein and tasty especially with almond milk

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