An Illustrated Guide of the World’s Weirdest Panics, From A to Z

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  1. I’m afraid to think what I would owe Bethesda for Skyrim 😬

  2. I am looking forward to buying ANOTHER copy of Skyrim if they do a PSVR2 port ;)

  3. I can't wait for the BG3 editor to hit :)

  4. Recreate Aliens! Scrapy rag tag band of marines vs the alien hordes.

  5. ACTUALLY I was really thinking about this, I'm just not sure which Tyranids should I use or how many points for them. Any tips?

  6. I would be tempted to use the GFF rule set. Mainly so that each model is its own unit. Lots of terrain. Marines have to cross from one table edge to the other. Have the Aliens ambush at random from the terrain. Play with a squad of 10 guard as marines and as many assault grunts as you dare! - just an idea l.

  7. This makes me want to set up PSVR and jam electronoughts

  8. The thing is, it's never as big as it looked on the map...

  9. I suppose its just the evolution of the hoodie. A face mask, sunglasses and hat are as much a disguise if you are up to no good.

  10. The 'ol Prophet Hen of Leeds... Mary Bateman has an interesting Wikipedia page

  11. Not sure if he only likes certain generes of games...but there's a whole lot of outstanding PC games that don't require anything other than mouse input to play.

  12. Came to say Divinity Original Sin 2 also

  13. Am I the only one that can print bases fine ? I have a Anycubic photon mono and tilt all bases not connect to an actual mini to 45 degrees, then I use small thin supports to keep them “off” the plate . Printing bases is literally the easiest things I’ve printed lol.

  14. I have been printing OPRs pre supported bases with no issues at all.

  15. He is talking about remote control ones

  16. It's a document that you download. Unless there is an app / interface version I missed.

  17. Jackals - They make me want to do a mad max / fallout post apocalypse fire fight campaign.

  18. The full rules have a campaign mode that stars as 150 and you build up from there. I would suggest using the army builder to make a list of about 10 models a side with as even amount of points as you can. Then see how that plays.

  19. Sorry about necroing this. I am trying to find rules on Campaigns for Skirmish. Do you know if they are in 2.16? That was the last full rulebook I have.

  20. Sorry, I only got my rule book last month so it's the only one I know.

  21. Christoph Waltz. I had the displeasure of watching Alita Battle Angel and it hit me that I really will watch anything if he's in it.

  22. Apperley it did not taste good after being under the studio lighting...

  23. Yes, the books are worth it, especially if you want to find out what happens next.

  24. See also: should I just read the last three books or start at the beginning lol

  25. If you are re doing a party I would suggest take a Cleric if you have not got one. I am really struggling without one.

  26. For context this is the most vanilla a run you can get for definitive edition, no mods, nothing out of the ordinary

  27. My understanding is it is known bug when using the magic mirror. I am sorry I don't know what steps to fix. I am sure someone will be along shortly to advise further.

  28. If you have the gift bag activated that let's you grow plants, it can be a good way to make some cash. It can be exploited though so it depends if you want to "ruin" the balance. Spiffing Brit on YT has a great video on it.

  29. I don't remember the opr equivalent,but tactical Marines with a boltgun (which is basically the battle brothers base unit)

  30. Battle Brothers have a close combat weapon in the default profile.

  31. Hopefully we get a dungeon maker / DM mode or at least access to the engine.

  32. It's an interesting question. Apparently screen writers are know to indulge in a bit of tabletop. Two recent projects that feel like they could be great D&D adventures are Jungle Cruise (way better then I expected) and Moon Knight, basically a study on the Warlock/ Patron dynamic.

  33. Play it on Stadia, no downloads, ever

  34. I like the idea of Stadia, but I still want to be able to play BG3 by the time it comes out ;)

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