1. Here's what I just got from CNN ' There was no police station at the school ' whoa WHAT? That's already a fucking narrative and please no one tell me it's a. relevant and b. some kinda ' reason ' c. an accidental, off the cuff comment because WHAT ???

  2. Made me think of the Robert Service poem " Ice Worm Cocktail ", I ' think ' the worm turned out to be a piece of pasta?

  3. If he suggested making your post he hasn't followed the sub very carefully. In fact I'd check out what on earth subs he does follow if he had an idea his ' fun ' family test would meet with aclaim. That's not ' honoring ' a family tradition. Wearing a family ring, or maybe a passed-down wedding veil, whatever, thatcould be family tradition. This nonsense? Pffffttt.

  4. Heck, I was pretty young when this was slid in on us. Guess who was president ? Remember seeing alllll those years stretching in front of me. Had an hour commute at the time.

  5. Sometimes I think about a product and then get ads for that product

  6. Worse, I get products I didn't know existed but would love to use. Can state no, never bought one. Freaks me out so much I nope out of the page and never look it up again.

  7. It's difficult. I mean agree anything still in copyright ( 70 years after death of artist, I think, plus other terms ) shouldn't be free.

  8. Good. We shouldn't, although the state should support indigenous and PA Dutch language revitalization efforts

  9. Pennsylvania appears to be one of the only states not recognizing an indigenous people anyway. Lenape tribe were/are here it's never been a question and are still here albeit after the usual ugly history where there was certainly a shove to eradicate them. Sounds like the Monty Python dead parrot argument or something " We are here " ( visibly ) " No you're not " ( speaking to a tribal member ).

  10. As an American living overseas for many years now, I can confirm. Lol

  11. Right? Had good parents, one sibling especially was/is just a nightmare, other was sucked in there and I was always the village idiot.

  12. Don't want to ( usually ). Busy ( frequently ) Forgot ( good percentage of the time ) and Don't want to again ( If there's any percentage left ).

  13. Whew huh? Now the Jewish community can stop waiting for the phone to ring " It's ok! He likes us again! ". And everyone will cheer. ( Feel like since itt Reddit the s/ is probably mandatory ). s/

  14. We've monetized people's hobbies for Christ's sake. If there's no Capitalist point to it why bother? Or something ? So you're an idiot because you enjoy something that's not profit driven ? So sure. Sell it, have all the joy and satisfaction wiped by all the pressures in running even a small, one-person business although again, no one's dam business if that's what someone wants to do either.

  15. The woman who came to help with my father when he was very ill really was nice. Helpful, compassionate, someone who was easy to have around at a stressful time.

  16. The fact school districts can shell out tax dollars for billable hours has always made me ill. Obviously there are some issues that require legal help BUT it can become this .

  17. They just hide everything when they see this person coming so he won't move there. Great. We're stuck with him.

  18. I'm not trying to be snarky ( honest ) but wouldn't we have to be familiar with the COA of other states to make the call ours is underrated ?

  19. You're around as empathetic as he is, holy hell. You'll accept him actually gifting her ( for instance ) his marriage was self hatred and that's you think that's just fine ?

  20. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  21. Certain parts, yes. But less so that they are only native to certain parts, and more so that only certain parts of the state are undeveloped enough for them to thrive. They not only need forests, but large swatches of forests. Unfortunately most of the state has very segmented patches of forest which doesn't cut it for them.

  22. Dauphin here. Never had them until a couple years ago. They're not close, climbing pretty far up a ridge not far from our house heard one. Could not believe it. And yep. 3 years in a row same spot.

  23. When we were kids ( awhile ago ) Mom had a set of Revereware copper bottom pots and pans. As an adult I tried whatever was the new ( usually expensive ) cookware thinking they'd be a step up? Not really.

  24. Ah. Enter " education law ". I've seen parents who are not wealthy lawyer up and go in swinging, school lawyers up ( and they're not comprehensive good guys either ), end result can be wild.

  25. Not long after some legislation passed limiting medical care a woman on Medicaid could receive ( and pro- life -gag- is exactly what it wasn't about then, too ), an obviously mentally ill woman here in PA brought her TWINS home from the hospital after giving birth and stuck them in a closet. I mean for a long time. Long enough. So forced birth can result in actually torturing a baby- but hey as long as that baby is one of God's special blessings?

  26. I was taught about the first Thanksgiving when they clothed the naked natives with warm blankets.

  27. PA here, a few years younger. We were at least taught those idiots would have starved had not Native Americans shown them how to plant corn. Then everyone hugged, happily ever after forever and ever amen.

  28. There's Family Search, which is free and Wikitree. You're can sometimes find one of those family genealogy , old books on various on-libraries, " The History of the Smythe Family " kind of thing?

  29. Wait. Only for new teachers, and for 3 year's and $2500 ? What in heck kinda weasely, shriveled carrot is that ?

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