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Kid shows up to black peoples house with whip

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  1. This definitely feels like one of those auto-ban because X-number of people reported you situations. That said, I tend avoid profanity in non-guild chat because their reporting system so easily triggers the banhammer.

  2. 100% it does not offend anyone. Much like league of legends, people will abuse it because it’s the only way they can punish people

  3. The only places hurt by that would be blue states since most women in red states are brainwashed over it. It would be more effective to have all women move to blue states that believe in abortion rights. Companies will follow suit leaving red states even less desirable to move to.

  4. I have a bachelors in HRM and couldn’t find one for 8 months, hoping to transition into it from the company I’m in now. Much like everything in the corporate world, it really just depends on who you know.

  5. That's most restaurants unfortunately. Razor thin margins and completely exploitative labor practices because of it.

  6. The sad thing about it is that most restaurants don’t have to have those razor thin margins to actually pay their back of house, which is where most of the labor costs go to. They’re just greedy fucks who try and make cuts at the lowest level instead of the executives pay.

  7. Loser alert… most restaurants. Like 70 percent are family owned single units with no executive pay. Good try though

  8. No they just pocket the majority of their profits while heavily exploiting the workers that do all the work while simultaneously stating that “we are family” here. Nice try though.

  9. I’m surprised he thought they could afford them.

  10. It’s almost as if a lot of businesses were never meant to survive because they exploited their workers for so long. Well established in exploitation it seems

  11. They fucked around and found out

  12. Probably because KT actually died before being resurrected, so he had the chance to meet the Jailer.

  13. Pretty easy, and their base is eating it up. They keep blaming the administration as if republicans aren’t the reason everything goes to shit.

  14. Honestly I agree with him. If who they vote for is a deal breaker for you I think you would be a difficult person to date.

  15. Yes let me date someone completely bereft of empathy and has a very “me me me” attitude where everything has to revolve around them. Who someone votes for tells you everything you need to know about their personality or n this day and age. If you’re still voting Republican, you’re literal garbage.

  16. Except people that earn more don’t work more, this is the flaw in their logic

  17. It’s pathetic because it’s their way of “saving money” while asking those that weren’t laid off to do the job of 4-5 people.

  18. Such an atrocious roll out. Gave up trying to buy a house after the first lottery.

  19. Maybe in your grandma's little town but no, this isn't accepted as a general thing.

  20. If you wanna be her bank while she’s fucking other guys, go for it

  21. Do you actually live in any of the 20 latin american countries to somehow detract it? Women, specially ones using tinder, are not peasants expected to clean, get raped and cook

  22. Yeah, the ones that don’t expect to have everything paid for. You want a leech, go for it, plenty out there in the world

  23. Not everywhere has a 24 hour place available. And again, if you don't have electricity or refrigerator you can't cook at home. But it's stupid to say you can't afford fast food if you can't afford those things. A refrigerator is thousands of dollars. Electricity is hundreds of dollars monthly. A hamburger is $.99 at McDonald's. You're basically telling me I could buy a house if I just stopped getting coffee.

  24. Like I said, prob can’t afford to eat out if you can’t afford a grocery store

  25. Again, you're wrong. No one said anything about affording a grocery store I said affording a refrigerator or electricity.

  26. You’re wrong no matter your flawed logic or tactic you use to try and justify it. Electricity is a bare minimum. You’re trying to justify eating out when you can’t even afford the bare minimum. We aren’t talking about homeless people here. These are people with jobs complaining about it, get off your high horse

  27. It’s traumatic for the uneducated, you know, the ones who protest against it but secretly get them when they need it.

  28. He even admits they were shitty but instead of recognizing that and joining in the solidarity, he’s ok with that being the norm because he’s the same type of mouth breather that will pull up a ladder behind him once he’s gotten his success. The same type of dbag who thinks people should “suffer” to “make it”. These are the same people that are garbage at their jobs and don’t want competition because someone will do it better than them.

  29. The guy says some insightful things from time to time but it’s coupled with the most ignorant opinions out there, completely overshadowing ANYTHING he contributes to any discussion.

  30. The guy says some insightful things from time to time but it’s coupled with the most ignorant opinions out there, completely overshadowing ANYTHING he contributes to any discussion.

  31. The end of Eli was fantastic, don’t understand how that “ruined” it for you. Unless there’s another Eli because the one I’m thinking about I wouldn’t really call horror, more like a dystopian setting of a movie.

  32. Don’t need public executions, if someone had already killed a ton of people, they shouldn’t even be taken in to custody, should be taken care of the moment police respond

  33. A party being more left than another doesn't make one party left and the other right.

  34. In comparison to what we are offered, yes the difference is pretty staggering.

  35. There isn't a way to read this comment and reply without guessing at what you're trying to say. .

  36. Neither, I would be considered socialist scum because I would love to live in one of the Nordic countries. But like I said, there are only two choices. If you lived here, it isn’t hard to tell the difference, one spews lies constantly backed by zero research and completely based off their feelings or Christianity, while the other tries to compromise their ideals in a bid to come off as bipartisan, when they should be holding the other side accountable for their actions.

  37. That’s one way to see your kid get the shit kicked out of him

  38. Unfortunately write ups are a means to form a paper trail, it’s used more to justify firing someone. Otherwise you can easily get sued for wrongful termination.

  39. Just don’t show up, they know exactly what they are doing and know where you are when you aren’t there. If they call, state that you already informed them of your time off a month in advance. It isn’t your responsibility to find coverage they have known about for a month. Stand your ground.

  40. Because people haven’t followed it despite being in the ToS. The idea of possibly getting punished for their shitty attitudes scares some people. Although honestly, I seriously doubt anything will change.

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