1. Search google “Wordpress how to clean your ass…” and it should come up. I probably use this link once a month on here 😂

  2. S14, uk vs the world and AS7 doesn't feel like 2022...boy just like Ru my sense of time is fcked up...

  3. Not OP but similar age and I started with Clinique’s 3 step system as a teen. I think I started because Cosmo magazine advertised why it’s important to take care of your skin, more so for pimples vs anti-aging. I remember the sales lady telling me I don’t need moisturizer as a teen.

  4. Ooooh you're like a veteran sunscreen user, in your opinion how far has sunscreen formulation come ???

  5. All sunscreen used to be scented, dyed, greasy, and heavy on the skin. Like you could tell who wore sunscreen or not because they smelled and looked oiled up. A lot of these sunscreens only protected against UVB too.

  6. Nice. But I feel like a lot of sunscreen even till this day give that oiled up look, it does feel lightweight though. I've just decided to deal with it. I once commented on a lab muffin video asking why sunscreens tend to be so shiny she replied saying that oils are used to create filters ? Or at least something like that... and the higher the pa++++ rating the more likely for it to be shiny, it also depends on the formulation, some sunscreens are that way so they can be waterproof...which is why I had my suspicions about that Purito sunscreen, turns out it actually wasn't spf 50. Sunscreen lore is fascinating.

  7. Skip moisturizer and use any face powder

  8. How do you apply this face powder ? You tap it on with your fingers ? Use a compact l sponge ? Use a brush ? I'm worried this might mess up the sunscreen layer.

  9. A brush is fine, you could also use a powder puff. Make sure you wait at least 5 minutes or until the sunscreen has settled before doing it and then you probably won't disrupt the sunscreen layer

  10. Why did they use twinkjack for this though? Is that how they see themselves?

  11. Twinkjack is what that character is called ? I'm curious about what the others are called.

  12. Yeah there's quite a lot of lore with all the wojacks funnily enough

  13. Why are they barely promoting this season ? I literally forgot about it until I saw posts about it on reddit. Thank god I die cuz this season is nice so far.

  14. What was the point of that big buff guy that came into the room to slap Adam that walk back out ? Also I'm kinda enjoying this season so far and the guy that plays Theo is very handsome.

  15. It works great for me, with the caveat that the only sunscreen I’ve ever used that didn’t leave my face all shiny is the Australian Gold tinted sunscreen.

  16. How much do you use ? Two fingers worth ? How do you apply it ? Rub it in or ?

  17. I knew someone was going to ask this. I literally only use a hydrating toner and spf in the mornings. And this sunscreen is soooo finnicky. I know that you can't vigorously rub some sunscreen in bcs their formula is such that is dries quickly so I just kind of apply it like I'm "wiping" my face. And it sets so shiny, and in so many reviews people say it gives them a natural finish.

  18. I think you might "feel oily" bcs the biore sunscreen is pretty shiny plus you have oily skin so it's totally fine to skip moisturizer in the am. The sunscreen would suffice. You can use that cream at night. Take time double cleansing. Really massage that oil cleanser on areas that produce oil then emulsify that oil cleanser first that is important when it comes to oil cleansers and then go in with that foaming cleanser. When anyone comments on your oily skin just know that people with dry skin spend a lot of money to look like us lol. Your products are good already. If you don't end up liking the equate cream try looking into the illiyoon ato cream. Bye good luck!

  19. I’m curious, what oil cleanser and moisturizer are you using?

  20. Oil cleanser - kose speedy cleansing oil Moisturizer - illiyoon ceramide ato concentrate cream

  21. Indian curry is the blueprint. As an indian, Malay curry is too sweet and Chinese curry is too watery.

  22. we get hints towards a "scream queens revival" basically annually atp lol, i would be SO excited if it were actually announced but i'm kinda losing faith in speculations like this 🥲

  23. Right plus the women are only getting older sooner or later they won't look like college students anymore

  24. Personally, I like foam cleansers as I feel they really do get in there and clean your pores up, and yes they do have that stripping feeling sometimes but I don't mind it because it leaves my face so clean. I compensate that by layering a lot of my hydrating toner. The cleanser I use is one by Kose, the softymo cleansing foam collagen.

  25. I really wanted a zelf but it never came to my country, it's definitely one of the more obscure, niche brands. It's sad that they aren't in production anymore. It's such a shame because I personally think their last series, series 6 if I'm not mistaken was quite nice.

  26. I'd say if you're acne prone have 2 days for retinoids and 1 day for recovery and 1 day for exfoliation so it'll go like this :

  27. Oh! Do you happen to know the name? I will have to check that out. Thank you! 🥰

  28. The only thing I wait for in my routine is after my last step in my AM routine which id sunscreen. I apply it and wait 15 minutes for it to "set"

  29. I don't trust those at all, it's never really the index of where you're at but the index of like a town or something, I just go by the shadow rule, the shorter and darker the shadow the higher the uv index and vice versa

  30. Skin ceuticals, isdin, swiss skincare, I'd be STOCKED UP on sunscreen, heck then I might even reapply every 2 hours INDOORS. I like layering toners but since I'm on a budget right now I just layer the same hydrating toner so maybe if money wasn't a problem I'd have like 3 different hydrating toners and use each of them once and layer them. I would also buy those electrical face massage devices, specifically Nu Face, then I might get an led light theraphy thing that's dermatology standard like the one paris hilton has.

  31. I liked it. I didn’t love it. I was super happy to see Dominique Jackson though. She die look fabulous! I agree with most of your points

  32. Yes when I heard BM's voice I was like hold on now where have I heard that voice before 🤔 and then it clicked and my thoughts were confirmed when I saw the glamazon that is Dominique Jackson, her being BM also helped bcs I personally can't handle too much horror and it definitely helps when an actor you like is playing a super scary role. I'm also so happy that Dominique is now in the AHS universe, I hope she gets a role in the official show.

  33. I love the Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF, its such good value and like you said, there are essentially no cons.

  34. OP how bad is the white cast for you?

  35. Not really a white cast per say but it tends to leave a bit od grayness and I found out that Tinosorb M is the culprit behind this grayness. It might not show up if you're fair to tan I guess. I'm tan to medium , the grayness tends to show up after I reapply.

  36. This misunderstanding wouldn't be happening often if the gov would just let malays be part of other religions...

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