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they are holding the supreme justice hostage

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  1. Hmm. I really need to attend the next democrat meetup.

  2. Some Americans have reached North Korea levels of brainwashing.

  3. Fake age, this dude is all over the place 35-38 in his comments, within 2 weeks.

  4. The best feeling when you start to see the results of hard training. Good job bro

  5. The political and economic state of the world right now.

  6. People who drive giant lifted oversized pickup trucks with tinted glass and are also 40 year old divorced accountants...

  7. The person who made this meme never got laid, never gets laid, and will never get laid. Even after death they won't get laid.

  8. One of the very few walkable cities in the US with decent public transportation. Also one of the most expensive cities to live in. Probably because of that.

  9. Only Chinese Tiktok has the insane algorithm tho. Even Google can't figure it out, Youtube shorts just suck.

  10. I would have imagined this city to be in Denmark or Sweden. Very positively surprised that Cincinatti looks like this.

  11. So why were southern states still voting democrat in the 90s? Party switch myth doesnt add up.

  12. Most southern states voted Republican in the 90's. The only exception is 1996, and even then most southern states voted... *surprise*, Republican.

  13. More like half actually so there’s absolutely no correlation. Like I said, it’s a complete myth.

  14. Sure. It never happened. Interesting religion that you're following.

  15. He is a US citizen from Puerto Rico (I know that may seem a little pedantic from my part but I always have trouble considering myself an American). His bill was over $1 million. The government of the island helped settle his debt.

  16. That's communism. If he can't afford the treatment, he should have just died.

  17. Tell me you're homeschooled without telling me you're homeschooled.

  18. In my darker moments I almost wish that people like that would be hit with some affliction that would make them realize first hand how fucking stupid statements like this are

  19. I just wish they die. In a videogame of course.

  20. Somebody should tell this person that we don't live in North Korea.

  21. Sounds like communism to me. We don't do that here in America.

  22. Having the option to choose from many different forms of transporation: Communism

  23. Thus dude thinks he's a uber capitalist who wages an online war against evil far left union workers when in reality he's probably a plumber in Alabama living in a trailer park.

  24. The way he drew the black character is sus at best and straight up racist at worst. Look at the lips... this is some Jim Crow shit.

  25. I just learnt that gun nerds are the unfunniest people on this planet. They can't even handle a silly meme without whining and giving lectures nobody asked for.

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