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  1. Pls dont hate me but at this state you might as well toss it. I think I couldn’t save that plant.

  2. The first painting is beautiful! Would definitely buy it :D

  3. Come to Germany. I think everything you search for is here.

  4. Theory that I’ve seen going strong here is the combined 11+8 and a 1 or whatever. But what if 8 joins 1 to have a change of heart at the ultimate moment to create an illusion of a former version of 1, making it a 20 in total to take down Vecna.

  5. I would absolutely hate 8 to return because she was irrelevant for so long. I don’t want a „new“ person who appears out of the blue to save the day. I want it to be our heroes we know for at least 2 seasons.

  6. I guess we don’t have to respect every aspect of other cultures..

  7. Oh no, you guys have Klarna too? Don’t ever buy something you can’t afford, it is a trap!

  8. I use Klarna sometimes. What is the risk? Sorry I’m 21 and not the most knowledgeable on the money stuff. I buy a LOT of Etsy plants.

  9. It is bad for your financial record. In germany, if you use Klarna often and want to get a loan from the bank it can effect your liability score badly. They think that people who often buy stuff they can’t afford arent credit worthy.

  10. I just like characters who are that freaking powerful. Like for intense, in the latest comics, The Batman Who Laughs somehow killed and gained the powers of a Dr. Manhattan from a different universe. Now that's a very scary situation! Someone as intelligent, fighting and tactical skills, prep, and strong willed as Bruce Wayne. Damaged and infected by Joker venom. Now has the powers of Dr. Manhattan! That's an omnipresent apocalyptic level threat!

  11. Love that too! My only problem with that always was: How good can the writers portray such a powerful being. If someone fights it or even kills it, does that make in that world sense, or had the powerful being be a bit dumb or havent it used its full power to get killed? I kinda like Dragonball Z back then as a kid cause they fights were always close and the beings had to go to their absolute limit to win.

  12. Well, I know the writers had to be careful when Dr Manhattan and Superman met. No matter how powerful Superman is, DM is Omnipresent and could have easily wiped him out. But, instead they talked. Superman had to talk him out of what he can do.

  13. The old greek drama way of handling a stronger enemy. I like it :)

  14. Even if everyone else is gone, I'll always be here.

  15. I don’t think it’s gonna be that long tbh. I reckon it’s gonna be like 1,5-2 years. They already roughly designed their idea of season 5 and pitched to Netflix in the forced 6 month covid break during the season 4 tapings. That’ll safe a lot of time.

  16. Why do you all look at it? :D I dont want to see any hints whatsoever, I want be completely shocked by whatever happens on the first of July.

  17. Are you saying that stranger things represents an alternate watchmen universe where the watchman character went mad and became vecna?

  18. Not at all. They just got inspiration for the visualization of Vecna in the movie Watchmen and these protagonists

  19. Oh. I'm not super familiar, but I don't think that's a fan theory. Maybe some kind of movie analysis subreddit? I've never seen Watchmen but your theory seems sound!

  20. Oh okay. I thought that’s enough of a theory in itself. Thanks for your thoughts on it! :)

  21. Dude planning a full on global revolution with her by his side and in response she just casts him into another dimension smh

  22. I don't think it'll be Robin if a woman dies. I hope they're smart enough to not pull a bury-your-gays on the fandom. Narratively atp it makes more sense for it to be Nancy

  23. I don’t think so. Nancy is the only person with an in-depth romantic relationship in the series. Hopper and Joyce don’t get it together, Lucas and Max/ Mike and Eleven are teenies dating. Nancy and Jonathan as well as Nancy and Steve were the most in-depth relationships we saw yet. Can’t take that away from the show.

  24. Just click on the picture. The quality is good, but too good. You have to click on it to expand in size. Then you can easily read it.

  25. I never saw humans behave like that and I won’t accept that as human behavior. That’s embarrassing for our entire species.

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