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  1. Am I the only one who get annoyed by this?)

  2. Just buy him any duplo that is available closer to you, at that age he is not that picky and will be happy with any set)

  3. Should’ve been also putting microfighter near the wing)

  4. That’s cool how long do you think until it’s finished seems like a big project

  5. It tooks me a few days to assemble one wing, like 4-5 hours a day. But I am waiting for 30 bricks from Germany and I will be able to assemble second wing, probably 1-2 weeks

  6. If I will have goats in the future, I will make that kind of mask and will wear it while walk my goats

  7. I am currently making this bad boy, 60% done)

  8. I got official and microfighter, will make a comparison photo after I will finish this one

  9. TBH I was holding banana 5 mins after this photo was taken)

  10. Its not the bags, its like 20 different bricklink orders)

  11. Just google for Razor Crest Microfighter alternate build N-1 - much accurate than this official one

  12. Why do people like instances? Its an online MMo, why would you go to a closed area and farm something unique there? MMOs should be competetive, PVP fights for the farm spots and all the interaction with people

  13. If his barber gets 10k$ to shave his bald head, how much will barber get to after shaving this wild forest?

  14. I managed with 1 buffer back when the game was hard.

  15. Lineage 2 is alt required. You need to create 1-3 different buffers, to comfortably play the game)

  16. Try to find as much sets as I could (from assembled parts) and try to assemble them. Then sort out by color in zip bags)

  17. Make sure to invest a few hundred grands into a bigger house - which is a must have if you are addicted to the Lego)

  18. Maybe 5 sets, but not sure just yet.

  19. Thanks, thats enough, I got now 2 of the sets you mentioned, so I will build them up)

  20. Sorry it took so long to reply. I looked at the post once and the forgot about it. I think I've figured out one of the sets. It was a bit of a thinker for me because there are 2 parts I've never seen before. But I am pretty certain that the partial build in the middle with the long pointed tail piece and the top-right partial build are part of Shredder's Dragon Bike from set 79101.

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