1. Archer is my least played class but I enjoy being a javelin thrower

  2. It was shors blood tho aka lorkhan. They just call him akatosh to appease everyone. Definitely wasn’t auriel

  3. there's women accusing him of rape, but lets pretend it's not the case

  4. Will you? You just called everyone mindless for not siding with your opinion and claimed every woman came out and said they weren’t victims.

  5. Bc they have its all over YouTube. But nah bro it’s definitely not Redditors going to the bandwagon again someone they already hated not at all

  6. Look I play 3rd bc I like to see my character. Same way with Skyrim I only used 1st for spells

  7. I also play Troy music when I play bannerlord that and other things

  8. When I first saw people complaining I thought it couldn’t be that bad. Now after actually hearing it myself good maleric it’s terrible

  9. “Omg hes a virgin” yes some people actually have values and don’t sleep with anyon they like

  10. Has it been delayed? Because unless theres some announcement I missed then going off the assumption its going to be delayed doesnt make sense. Like obviously if its delayed itll take longer.

  11. Games are delayed all the time these days saying 5 years is out of the question is ridiculous end of story

  12. Just stop. Lying about what they said to avoid admitting you were wrong isn’t the way the go.

  13. I don’t think that pertains to any point made here lol

  14. *Reads this post “Ok that’s enough internet for today”

  15. “cOpYiNg ALIenS” bruh half the crap we see in the sky is definitely government experimental craft. It’s obvious they are years upon years ahead of what the public knows. Not saying it was originally obtained from somewhere else but man I feel the ignorance here is a little much

  16. But why would they fly experimental craft over neighborhoods? They would keep shit like that very secretive and prob test fly them only in the desert.

  17. Im not in the us government so I couldn’t tell you. Who knows their real motives anyway

  18. Where’s the incredibles meme where he says please shut the fuck up

  19. I’ll say that I used to hold both stocks (knew GME was way better but I got into popcorn real cheap) once he announced that “ape” coin I knew he was either bought out or a fool. I sold all and still for profit and went full GME.

  20. Didn’t the Empire fight the Thalmor to a standstill in Hammerfell during the Great War, and then conveniently discharge all Redguard veterans in Hammerfell with all their equipment.

  21. Yeah bc the empire has been well established in Skyrim for centuries in comparison with an invading force completely oblivious of the land. It’s like milk drinkers don’t think these days oh wait they never did.

  22. Whose to say kitchen staff aren't doing nasty shit to utensils? Or washing their hands?

  23. Whole kitchen with lights, cameras and people vs loner in a car ….yeah dude no brainer totally different

  24. It’s more likely to be done by the people who made the food sadly. I deliver food and there’s this ramen place that I swear pisses on their ramen. I can’t prove it but whenever I deliver for them the smell of piss emanates from the bowls

  25. Anyone that thinks old FH was better are blinded by nostalgia and never experienced a good defender against them. It was complete aids where one attacks and one defends the whole match while being slow as shit.

  26. Most people didn’t play against gods and that’s why most for honor vets liked old for honor. One of the many reasons. Heck I played from beta 2017 to 2021 and my favorite years playing was definitely the first two. Warmonger release and patches after really devolved the game

  27. Reddit the peasant incel hive mind is having a great time rn

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