States with smaller population than Los Angeles County

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  1. So how do I go about getting a record of my ballot to know that it actually went for the person I wrote down?

  2. Speak clearly, first you say the evidence the election wasn't stolen is the fact that no one has pulled a record of their vote and said "hey I didn't vote for them, Im suing".

  3. People are saying "you already have the Senate bullshit, quit your bitching". Not "the senate is great, so dont worry

  4. Of course cities can't control the election, because we have the ec. Same reason the rural folk can't control the election.

  5. I'm sorry I don't live on this website in order to respond to you on your schedule, I will try to have less of a life going forward.

  6. When the very first scene is an out of context clip of someone freely admitting to the acts that a 90 minute documentary will then set out to prove, you know that this is going to be a flawlessly executed unbiased investigation.

  7. So you only watched a minute of the movie before you gave up? I mean you didn't have to tell us but I'm surprised you admitted it lmao

  8. “If everyone in America should see your movie why don’t you put it on the internet for free?” - Kyle Brofloski

  9. I saw it on BitChute but I don't know if it was posted legally.

  10. That’s what happens when you work in a bubble that’s hyper focused on credentials and internalizing that “I work at the smart factory”.

  11. Also what happens when your entire life revolves around campus rule enforcement and most everyone else's doesn't. They probably send out passive aggressive emails when people miss the one reminder they sent out. "Well, as I explained to 20 people before you, I did in fact send out a notice that we would be doing this weeks ago. How did you miss the one reminder I sent out when I sent it directly to your email?"

  12. The people's republics of the donbas have been asking for Russia's help for 8 years.

  13. "No! Ukraine isn't invading sovereign nations, only Russia is doing that! It's not a sovereign nation because it isn't recognized by America , idiot. What does Palestine have to do with this? Whataboutism much?"

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if the usa launches a nuke at china first.

  15. Knowing how we operate we would just nuke some military base after hastily but silently giving everyone important there a vacation, and then we would blame China or Russia or even North Korea or Iran for it and get both sides to unite in a thirst for war.

  16. And a year later, "The Network" came out being famous for the "mad as hell" scenes.

  17. Well if they are part of the executive branch then the president could just fire any current members and replace them with their own. Just imagine if the next republican president makes Alex Jones the head of the board.

  18. Then they call it a "red line" and threaten impeachment if you fire their people they put in to stop you. Then they impeach you based on hearsay regardless.

  19. Just cite Russia Today back at them and watch them reeee without any self awareness.

  20. Attention regular sub users: If you're curious what it looks like when shills/bots brigade a comment section, I give you this entire comment section as exhibit A. Enjoy.

  21. That's every front page post for this sub isn't it? How else can every post lean right but get flooded with useless comments like, "This sub is just TheDonald 2 now!" and "you conspiracy tards need mental help!", and every comment that agrees with the post or supports conspiracy theories gets buried?

  22. I saw the documentary and It wasn’t surprising, everything stated I saw happening in real time. I thought it was gonna be more shocking

  23. Its supposed to be shocking to the people who don't believe anyrhing wrong happened, but they refuse to look at any evidence presented to them so I don't know why anyone would expect them to watch this film.

  24. Course she wants you to follow the rules. If the entire cast and crew gets covid they're out of a job. Rent in NYC and surrounding areas is not cheap and not all cast and crew members are paid as handsomely as Patti probably is. She's protecting her cast members and crew

  25. Protecting her crew (to protect her own wallet).

  26. "No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people." -H. L. Mencken

  27. Except for those people who bet against Gamestop and continued to bet against the people who were now betting against them.

  28. 54,000 mules? Show me 1. 1 arrest. 1 of 54,000. Traffic cams use facial recognition to mail people tickets going 50+mph. But people on camera stuffing ballot boxes can’t be identified.

  29. "If there was a conspiracy then how come the news didn't report on it and how come the police didn't arrest people?!"

  30. No it doesn’t. Filmmaker was convicted of felony fraud. He’s a joke just like Lindell. Time to stop giving these grifters a megaphone. They are cashing in on this MAGA desperation.

  31. The majority of cases never reached the point of presenting evidence, and were dismissed based off standing. A total of 30 cases allowed evidence, and the GOP plaintiffs won 22 of them.

  32. The last number I saw was 14/21 cases won, where did you hear about these other ones?

  33. You’re really condescending for a guy bragging about working in security of all things.

  34. But her emails? But her emails? But her emails?


  36. Lol thanks for proving my point. I just pointed out double standard. You mad when Republicans do it but not when Democrats do it.

  37. Its full of people saying its full of trumpers thats for sure.

  38. Just shut my account because they took forever to process my money and when they finally did they gave me the silver at that days price and not the price it was the week before.

  39. When the "right side of history" is in charge, yes. Questioning the government is treasonous and unpatriotic.

  40. I believe Chernobyl also had kill switches to prevent disaster.

  41. Fascism has it's own special definition when turned on the people who are calling everyone they don't agree with "fascist".

  42. Jesus, it takes skill to misread a comment that much.

  43. "We don't tell lies, the government tells lies and we just report what the government says."

  44. I just find it funny that the leftists who defend and apologize for the Soviet Union and call anyone and everyone a "nazi" are currently calling anyone who isn't immediately pro Ukraine a "communist" (I'm guessing some sort of psychology thing if they aren't fully serious, but their moral principles do change depending on the "right side of history" of the week/day/comment so they could be serious) and are literally saying "I'm okay with standing with the Nazis this one time" when it's a literal publicly funded official Nazi battalion of the Ukrainian army.

  45. Does the FBI take orders from the media? Tucker is the media, is he controlled by the democrats? Why hasn’t anything happened yet if this is real, the FBI and media members have the proof?

  46. So you don't find it funny how the FBI seized it from these people but when asked about the contents of it, they claim they lost it EVERY SINGLE TIME?

  47. Yeah but why would they choose to fake something so fucking weird? Its not funny, its not interesting or thought provoking. The only thing this accomplished is making Will Smith look REALLY FUCKING WEIRD. Why would he agree to do that to himself?

  48. Why do you keep copy/pasting this everywhere?

  49. then why did they mute the broadcast.

  50. Bet that guy doesn’t respond. He’s a “it was just a tour” idiot I think

  51. I wouldn't be surprised, it had nothing to do with what he said. He's right though, one guy being convicted of trespassing is not the same as the other guys waiting for their trial on charges of domestic terrorism.

  52. What did Rittenhouse do that you would consider vigilantism?

  53. Is this question a joke? The whole premise of what he was doing outside a building of that sort is that.

  54. What did Rittenhouse do that you would consider vigilantism?

  55. I hate the act itself because of the times he’s insulted war veterans and talked positively about Putin putting a bounty on US soldiers, while talking about brave and tough he is. I despise him for doing it because of everything else he’s done, it doesn’t stand alone for me.

  56. When did he commend Putin for putting a bounty on Americans? When did he insult war veterans?

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