I got the guy to breathe again but I don’t think he will make it. He got ejected from the sunroof.

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  1. If a dog (or any animal ) is attacking and won't let go, stick a finger up its arse.. its guaranteed to stop what it's doing to turn around..

  2. If there isn't any lube available, is it okay to go in dry?

  3. If you're gonna be a bitch and throw a sucker punch, you best be landing it.

  4. That’s a good way to lose any loose change that you might have in your pockets.

  5. I've been saying it my whole life, if you want to see real Hollywood style "aliens" go down in the ocean where there's no light.

  6. Phronima amphipod living in the husk of a salp it ate.

  7. And the very first thing I would do with this thing is NOT touch it.

  8. That girl hasn't jumped in years but today is the day huh Ashley?

  9. Not trying to be mean, but she's a bit too big to be trying that stunt.

  10. Thank you for helping this person to breathe again. Most people would have moved on about their day.

  11. You could break your man bun right off falling like that.

  12. His wedding ring cost him a finger, and my wedding ring cost me a house.

  13. You haven’t watched me pinch a loaf, after a night of getting vodka drunk.

  14. They don't push things off of a table like cats do, but they will knock your entire fucking table over given the chance so...

  15. I once ran away from home as a kid. I even wrote them a good bye letter in which I ended it with, "PS: I am in my closest"

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