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  1. "The long lost child will eventually return home." sounds exactly like the bullshit you'd get from some abusive parent.

  2. Partially reminds me of the recent news that Taliban is forbidding teenage boys from working out with men.

  3. Men fucking boys, aka bacha bazi, is a cultural institution in Afghanistan, so that situation is a little bit different

  4. Holy crap, I didn't know about it. Furthermore I didn't know that one of the things that brought Taliban to power was that they were against it.

  5. At least it's good to know that authoritarians don't get along with eachother either.

  6. Or just may be the people would think 'see where rabid Russophobes have landed us, perhaps it it time to try someone with more sober take on the issue'.

  7. Oh yeah, Orks, dumbasses and other Russian agents are calling this russophobia.

  8. Those who vote for them wouldn't beat an eye if they were to put up an authoritarian regime Russia's style. They venerate Putin and I don't really blame them: everyone and their mother on the right was enabling him until a few months ago, he was the tough yet cool strongman and memes about him were everywhere, and not just in "vulnerable" countries.

  9. I always wonder if the right wingers in EU don't care that their talking points are the same as basically a dictator's or that they actually are paid by Russia or China or some other authoritarian regime.

  10. I guess they were being too positive and had to take it down a notch.

  11. the point is that people use those stories as guidance for living life with good intentions and treating themselves/others the best they can. yea sometimes it doesnt come out that way but the whole point is that its just a way for people to give themselves rules on how they should act and i dont see a reason why thats bad

  12. If it remained that, sure. But the thing is some people think those stories are true and that everyone should live as they see correct.

  13. Sounds like religious people are taking up a lot of headspace-that can’t be a fun way to live

  14. Well, sadly those fucks are affecting everyone's lives, all the time.

  15. You have to be a moron if you’re openly Christian in any country with Sharia Law.

  16. Already believing in god brings a huge step closer to being a moron. Admitting it in a Sharia Law country is just a cherry on the stupid cake.

  17. Stop talking to this kind of people!!! Lkle WTF!



  20. I give up. You call that that, fine. Do as you please. Don't care.

  21. Nice! Try throwing in some blueberries as well!

  22. It's always fun when someone says exactly that "Ooooh, don't get triggered", as if saying that actually makes it true.

  23. I know that the vote is not a good thing. I stand for Gay marriage. I don’t even know how we can vote on interracial marriage in 2022 and the thought of having to vote on it disgusts me. But I’m trying to atleast open peoples minds that this situation is not inherently bad on a political level. He could simply be doing his job correctly and maybe if people hear that, they can be more informed on what a proper congressman should be doing.

  24. Your whole point that he should vote for his constituency is silly. He should vote as he sees correct and run with those campaign promises. If he feels one way and votes the other, toeing the party line, what's the point of him?

  25. You elect him. Based on his views. He should stick to those views. Otherwise he's betraying his constituency. If he was elected upholding views he doesn't agree with, he's a spineless twat.

  26. Kinda funny to just announce your utter loserdom to the whole universe like that though eh.

  27. The part that amazes me is the 10 likes/upvotes/hearts.

  28. Yeh they keep doing these polls as if it's something creative, but it seems stupid to me to keep doing studies about how if you don't trust your government, you probably don't trust your government...

  29. Anti-vaxx is much more than lack of trust towards government, it's large amounts of stupidity.

  30. Poorly written by the idea and preference isn’t bad

  31. Why am I not surprised that the guy that agrees can't write "but"

  32. Didn’t say I agree did I, no surprise that the reply I get is from an assumptive typo terrorist lol

  33. "the idea and preference isn't bad"

  34. Yes, indeed. Go laugh by yourself in your crawl space, too afraid to face reality, but apparently “empowered” by your mere comments. Yes, be what is strong by hiding away from your opponents, thinking you’re endangering them by doing do, all while wondering where the important figures of your life went.

  35. You sure are assuming that the people who find you silly are hiding or smth.

  36. Lotta teenage angst still trapped inside your sedentary, overweight 35yr old body

  37. And the lord came down upon the children, covering them with jizz, just as he taught his priests to do.

  38. As a Belarusian I can tell by the look of some of the dishes that you missed it to the point where it probably didn't taste nice at all.

  39. Yeah, but that would mean visiting Belarus...

  40. Deleting internet history is the boomer humor of millenials.

  41. This kinda is the anwser truth be told.

  42. I'm half-expecting this to be an elaborate Your Mama joke.

  43. I think it is interesting because racism is real, bias is real, and the people who are racist usually don't even know it because it is part of their culture. So how do you help people not be racist? You have to teach them that their culture might be wrong. Have some empathy and perspective people.

  44. There's the paradox of tolerance. Being understanding and empathic has limits. If you keep being tolerant of intolerance, you're actually keeping it alive. Some shit needs to be made clear early on that it's a no-go.

  45. Uhm racism as a term is not slavery. Racism is a term that describes what different cultures that interact do. Race is not a color issue, it’s a cultural issue. Ask the Europeans…. Again I say that racism is a cultural issue, not a color issue.

  46. You gotta love people who have never lived in a communist country preatching how good it would be.

  47. Social democracy. A free-market, regulated capitalistic democratic system. Healthy anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies and keep competition going. High wealth and capital gains taxes, increasing exponentially as net worth increases - ideally, almost all wealth roughly $100 million net worth funnels into public hands. Very strong welfare system - UBI with nationalised healthcare and education. Strong tax incentives for companies to be owned by their employees.

  48. Wonderfully description. Couldn't agree more.

  49. Well, if you don't believe in've got nothing to worry about then.

  50. Except that laws in countries are made based on this fiction.

  51. And this statement is based on what?

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