1. Real question from a FF14 only andy - I mostly play FF14 for the story (but still do Savage/Ultimate content), and the thing that excites me the most about a new expansion the definitely the story. What's the thing that WoW players look forward to the most in a new expansion?

  2. Damn this sub really is „shit on WoW every time it’s mentioned“, huh?

  3. Only if the teacher was foreign. The media is so racist in Malta it is disturbing.

  4. Yeah I wouldn't get too excited yet. IIRC it has to also be "within EU regulations", which probably means it'll get axed at the very last moment, sadly.

  5. Malta was able to legalize it. Maybe Germany will adopt a similar framework.

  6. Don't forget, your garrisons have target dummies as well.

  7. Class halls too. Bonus if you're a shaman because you can get a free 30% haste from the stone by the dummies.

  8. Everything out of the government’s mouth is a lie. Expect lies, know that it is ALL lies. Look to God when you want to hear the truth.

  9. So it's purebloods and mudbloods again?

  10. Every single person has VAIDS that took this poison AND:

  11. Hopefully this will put an end to the regular coverage on this. I'm tired of hearing about it.

  12. Regular? It hardly pops up as much as it used to. Just because you're tired of seeing it, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be reported. Just tune out and go outside if you don't like it

  13. Yes regular. It comes up too often. Her murder was terrible but she was not someone that I'm interested in hearing about over and over again.

  14. Journalists are doing their jobs by reporting the latest developments like this one. Yes there are the occasional dick riders that will use her death to push agendas but that is different

  15. Its almost like people stopped believing in journalism when more than half of todays articles are sensational click bait point of views presented as facts, not speaking about this video specifically, talking about the bigger picture.

  16. Yes there's loads of clickbait these days but I highly doubt that's why the commenters are reacting the way they are

  17. if you struggle to speak it well just remember... there are maltese people who speak Maltese as their first language and still cannot write it well or speak it properly.

  18. I don't know the context for this but the "Who will you swear allegiance to for the week." is cracking me up.

  19. The lack of a question mark is bugging me way more than it should

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