1. I recently did this... listed for the wrong amount and had to cancel and relist. While its annoying for the buyer, sellers will always be allowed to cancel at any time since they have possession of the item. And the buyer is refunded and left just as they were before. It may be morally wrong, but its totally allowed

  2. I recently had Poshmark glitch and tell me that it was only sending out 28 offers and it sent out my entire closet with the same offer instead. I noticed it right away but a few items sold before I could get it fixed.

  3. Does she seriously think that anybody believes that her weight gain wasn’t from binge eating?! Ya F-ing right Big Ash. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. terrible multiapping , was it at least good?

  5. The photo on the left was posted less than a month ago by her. The photo on the right was posted four days ago and is in her tagged photos and clearly unedited. yikes.

  6. Read the threads. I can’t smile on command. I have a resting bitch face.

  7. Tell me something, would you prefer a miserable face to see or a “creepy” face to see? I’d choose “creepy” because miserable people never glow, not even a spark.

  8. Also the staff and service was fantastic! ❤️🥰They did amazing. I love driving down with my step dad to the Jenkintown location to be greeted by such great people. I get some cookies for my friends and my mom and they’re all so happy. We usually have half of the one we like and a bite to try the other one and then go on a nice long hike after. I definitely recommend going to the Jenkintown location AND they have the cookie cutters!! 😩

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