1. In the first movie Dutch doesn't figure out that they only target armed people until almost the end. I think when it is just him and Pancho and Anna going to the chopper. Basically he didn't have time to do that.

  2. Cop just casually discharging his weapon at a group of fleeing minorities, very accurate.

  3. This needs to be the way mutants a re treated in the MCU, but there is a 0% disney goes this far.

  4. Why? cause the cop just casually pulling out his weapon at a group of minorities

  5. Did you not watch the movie? The guy had a massive ego bigger than the planet and was condescending as shit.

  6. It didn't stop Donald John Trump from becoming 45th President of the United States.

  7. Pretty much any moment where a character gets called out on how terrible they’ve become over the years is great. Meg to her entire family, Brian to Peter, Chris to Stewie, etc. It doesn’t always land, unfortunately, because almost everyone is terrible now. Like the Quagmire/Brian thing is a funny element, but the beginning where Quagmire calls out Brian over dinner is just so…hypocritical, because from the beginning of the show Quagmire has been a pervert who moved to a peeping, kidnapping rapist who is specifically obsessed with Peter’s wife. Yet he’s the one they had call out Brian over all his flaws, one of them being obsessed with Peter’s wife? 🙄

  8. That she got killed in a Hate Crime that results in what you see in the cover

  9. I—what? Where are you getting that from? Why would she die from a hate crime?

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