1. He's invested heavily in cruise stock and can now afford to retire

  2. I would watch a 4 hour version of just the kids segment.

  3. Even with the cable, Tom is a fucking psychopath to do straight up do that stunt actually hanging off a real fucking airborne plane.

  4. And someone else said they did this like..8 times?

  5. Creepiest abstract dream I had as a kid was of a grey void. A 'grey sheet' is opened up the same way a flat sheet is placed on a bed. Then, someone starts laughing very menacingly, I always remember interpreting it as the devil. The laugh would continue & the angles closer

  6. I loved this movie, I went to see it twice. Although the ending isn't for me.

  7. He's so annoying. I was eating at a small empty sandwich shop when he came on the TV, he was on some talk-show he had. Just generally unlikeable and the fakest charisma that just bleeds cringe.

  8. Met Tom Cruise as an extra on one of his films. Dude just exudes charisma and is immensely nice to everyone. Even with the random extras, he’ll talk to them ask them about their families, etc. if you meet him, you instantly become enchanted by him. Also, would not be surprised if he had a basement filled with bodies. No one can be that charming and nice to everyone.

  9. Interesting. I read somewhere that for Top Gun, he was super rude to Men in the service and would nonstop complain about being spoken to.

  10. Im getting into photography but Im always worried about looking like a creep, especially for pics like this. Great shot

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