1. Do you have any preferences on handle length? Or the shape of paddle (elongated, square, etc)? Or weight preference? At $100 even a lot of the members here would recommend the Franklin Ben Johns paddle. It's good for what it is but if you're playing a lot you'll be looking for a new paddle in a couple of months. But I'll tell you when I started out I used the same Amazon special paddle for a year until I was comfortable with the game. The essentials paddle you were looking at will hold up for you during that learning process and has a nice feel as well. Doesn't feel like a "beginner" paddle. And it saves you some money too.

  2. I believe something that is a square-ish shape would better suit me, but I am not opposed to trying a different shaped paddle.

  3. If you like the square shape and want the same or similar features to a $200+ paddle the method series from Joola is spot on. Those can be had on sale for just above $100 shoot they're $115 on the website currently. If you're using a wood paddle and going to a composite paddle the difference will be night and day. If you have any other questions let me know. And when you're ready to pull the trigger on the new paddle shoot me a message. I'll hook you up.

  4. Awesome. Thank you so much for all of your help/recommendations.

  5. Buy cheap paddles at first . Beat the crap out of them then buy better paddles

  6. This is what I needed to hear. I’m someone who dives headfirst into sports and buys the best of the best or close to. I will stick with the beginner paddles and beat the crap out of them before I go out and buy nice ones

  7. Seems like you’re approaching this the right way, but I’d just echo to be very mindful of how competitive you are when playing with your gf.

  8. Thank you so much for advice. I tend to get competitive and take thing too seriously sometimes. Especially when there are things like out of bounds. I think I will do what you do and just “play it” no matter where she hits it. That way she will just get as many hits in as possible and can get used to hitting the ball, returning the ball, and volleying.

  9. To add to this, it also appears that FedEx deleted the “proof of delivery” image, but lucky for me I saved a screenshot of it.

  10. Start a claim with fedex if they refuse to help you contact the place you got from and if nothing contact bank with your proof etc

  11. Can you PM me? I want to see about purchasing a custom of this from you please. I have every Parks and Rec pop minus the two Andy’s that go for $1,000+.

  12. I barely do any pvm, and have never done any raid before (other than leeching 1 cox for the music), and I got through entry mode TOA without any issues on my first try.

  13. 3 days late, but no worries! Were you successful with TOA?

  14. Haven’t given it a go yet. Been busy with work, but I’ll let you know when I do!

  15. I find mistakes a 2nd and Charles from time to time. Found a GameStop Exclusive Cartman with Clyde marked at $8.95. It was worth $75+. PPG

  16. Oh alright thank you! I’m going to go to mine later today.

  17. Looks like Roman Atwood’s pond

  18. Yea the fence behind and the yard made me think that

  19. Yeah same here, and the way the jump tower is structured. I think his blob was yellow and blue if I’m not mistaking though.

  20. Wow, that cart is so yellow it looks gold. Dunk it in acetone overnight to get rid of it.

  21. Mercari is my go to. I always get things for significantly under retail by just reaching out to the seller and being kind.

  22. As much as I love the ability to play every game and not have to locate and spend hundreds on physical copies, I don’t think I could ever pull myself to replace my physical copies. There is just something about popping in a physical game every time. I do have a Raspberry Pi though that does have NES, SNES, GBA, GBC, PS1, and much more loaded on it. But the N64 is something I could never pull myself to emulate. Maybe one day though(:

  23. Mercari is by far the best place I have found that isn’t local to where I live. I have gotten most of my games on there for $10-$20 under retail. Always message the buyer and ask what the lowest they could do on an item. Most are willing to work with you!

  24. Been there, done that. Started collecting back in 2015, loved all the N64 stuff I had. Decided to sell all of it eventually. Lucky for me though, I found a bunch of good deals on Mercari and got a console with 3 controllers for $95, an expansion pak (OEM) for $28, and 9 games (each for about $10-$20 under retail or prime condition. All you have to do is look (on Mercari) and message people and see if they can come down in price.

  25. Did you beat it seven years later? Maybe you were just committed to playing out the game in real life.

  26. Nope and nope. I didn’t personally grow up with this game, but my buddy down the street had it. Also, I just don’t play many video games in general.

  27. I love this game and I’m not a sports game fan. So, I would.

  28. I'm just starting down this path. Can you still run around and free play after this point? I get really sad when nostalgic things are over so in a way I don't even know if I wanna get to this point

  29. You can run around after and do the side quests and still collect things if you missed out on some stuff.

  30. Lol, I know. I’m an engineer and have studied nuclear physics. I know what precautions to take.

  31. I have a 1956 Oyster Royal with a radium dial. I don’t wear it everyday, but in general is it safe to wear as long as you don’t open the watch?

  32. Yeah, so the thing to be worried about with radium dial watches is actually not the radium, it's the Radon Gas! Radium decomposition produces primarily alpha particles which are stopped by the glass and case back (it produces beta and gamma as well but not in levels that concern us).As far as the Gas goes, however, it can pose a problem.

  33. Thanks so much for all of this super interesting and super informative information. Right now I keep it in a watch box in my closet. Maybe I should put it someone that is more open and less closed off if I am understating what you said correctly. I do wear it proudly, and I may or may not have thought about licking the paint a few times….

  34. I got one off Mercari for $28. It’s an original one from Nintendo to and works great. You can definitely find them for lower than $50.

  35. Upvote on the way, thank you for posting. Definitely made me remember a lot of good childhood memories when I needed it tonight.

  36. Lucky my first week was ocarina tony hawk banjo perfect dark and mortal Kombat

  37. I was going to focus on just getting two games at a time and beating those two games. Then picking up two new ones and repeating, but I saw some really good deals and jumped on them.

  38. I just got an OEM Expansion Pak for $28. You can find them for a good deal on Mercari if you just ask the seller nicely(:

  39. Mercari is great. I buy all of my N64 stuff off there and people tend to be willing to work out a deal with you on items they are selling.

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