1. Don't get rid of your Dex point but get radagon icon:

  2. Dark Souls is more in unison, gameplay wise, then Sekiro. And I say this from experience. My First souls game was Elden Ring. And after beating it went right to Sekiro. I got stuck maybe half way through, because it's very different then souls games where it awards aggression essentially, and less weapon variety. (Katana and combo attacking becomes your only main weapon vs weapon/build variety in DS3) I put this game down indefinitely. Picked up DS3, maybe a few weeks after going back to Elden Ring, and currently got 3 toons. And just about beat it on my main. Just get used to losing your free jump and other then that my eyes see it as Elden Ring low budget DLC lol

  3. In the thing they were playing a SNES game… what fucking snes game can cause this much rage??

  4. Ah yes... I can see you weren't the victim of low kick abuse in Street Fighter. A true rage inducing game when facing off against trolls who know how to spam BS moves.

  5. So legit, when I was 16-17, I was playing Bushido Blade 2 with my buddy. Had my friend get so mad at me for being the cheap guys with the guns and one shotting him, at the start to each round. He started to fight/wrestle with me, and if his mom didn't hear us and rush upstairs.. He was literally two seconds away from throwing me out his second story bedroom window from us getting so into it. 🤣

  6. Put golden vow on the fists vs the dagger

  7. Use both arrow talismans. Sting and range. The ritual sword talisman. Cuz distance and full hp at all times for max dmg, and fourth can be warrior jar/Alexander for barrage with black bow or turtle talisman cuz you'll blow through endurance.

  8. I go with more so if you're more weapon orientated with some spells like 150fp so 26 mind I think?If you're more heavy on the spells then the weapon arts etc maybe 36 which is 200fp I think? Or if you got extra slots for talisman carian crest for less fp use.

  9. Tree spear is nice cuz even though you can't change the weapon art you can buff it so if your faith is high slap some lightning armament on it and the damage will skyrocket. Miquelliens Knights Sword is nice for sword and board or power standing with a second faith sword. (coded sword. Sword of Night and Flame if you did a golden order str/faith/int option)

  10. What do you mean by that couch co op segment? Me and my friend just started and we are doing couch. Co op

  11. As in just the attempt of going two party members for my first playthrough. Going with a full party of 2 vs 4 is night and day at the beginning like that. Even with both with lone wolf trait, at least for me, it was insanely rough and I couldn't do it with just two.

  12. Wait so i can have 4 characters even if its just 2 of us are playing?

  13. You can recruit the other unique characters throughout the playthrough right after the boat, into your party.

  14. To be fair.... Still accurate since the boss got a no-hit run against you 😂

  15. I mean tech I did beat him at the end finally and then his cloud got me.. just from softwares way of saying git gud 🤣

  16. It's unique and deadly, I would enjoy the challenge of being invaded by you.

  17. Always down to clown. You on Xbox, my friend?

  18. Not gonna lie. Everyone sleeps on a good bow build. I think I posted a montage video on a lvl50 bow/perfume build. Which, yes I know it isn't a 100% bow build but when they rush you especially in invasions on a 3v1 that spark perfume is a lifesaver.

  19. I used to use perfumes a lot too, I only dropped them because farming for Miranda Powder on top of Stormhawk Feathers is a bother

  20. Ahh yes, living by the coffin site of grace. That's usually my farm spot and I'll throw my invasion down in between farming a few, so I don't go stir crazy. Those perfumes have saved me many times from the onslaught of a gank squad.

  21. Literally has nothing to do with Elden Ring though apart from having a few characters photoshopped in.

  22. Sounds like you had a shitty thanksgiving and you're just whining to whine. Sorry, I can't help you but next time do us all a favor and keep your misery to yourself and scroll past then.

  23. Not American, so I dont celebrate your Crimes on Natives, try again.

  24. The Internet never ceases to amaze me. It's a simple funny post that most other video game groups are doing with their characters from their franchis, and somehow my post finds the one person whose got a problem with it, over the most ridiculous reasoning.

  25. Yura's questline or kill him early on. I don't suggest killing him before raptor of the mists mission because then you lock that out.

  26. Double slash, my friend. Going a bit further, found on a tree, from a scarab in Sellia.

  27. Or was I trying to get puppers attention? 🤔

  28. There’s a ton of YouTube videos about it that explain it in a lot more depth I could put into one Reddit comment. I’d look them up, changes the meaning of her ending entirely when you know what she is actually supposed to be saying with the correct translation.

  29. Not the person you asked, but I assume they are referring to something like this

  30. I mean unless you're using a specific weapon like the Moonveil or something that scales with INT, slapping cold or magic infusion 9/10 times will skyrocket the damage to your weapon especially being able to swap the ashes of war on a regular weapon gives you more things to swap around vs being locked into an ash that's interchangeable.

  31. yeah i know that its just im looking for thematic type of creative builds for int/melees

  32. I gotcha I only mentioned cuz it took me a few playthroughs to realize if it's not a unique somber weapon as long as your INT is scaled high enough for a reg wep it'll sometimes outscale some of the actual scaling int weps

  33. I believe the arcane, is a fire scale dmg so things like flame grant me strength would help it also (I know it's an incant) but I believe the flame talisman would boost it nicely for the sword and the incants. And if you're going to be using Corpse Piler a lot, probably try out the rotten or winged insignia maybe.

  34. I felt like Aragorn when I did a straight sword w/ Square Off AoW run. Was really great against endgame bosses, too! I was Faith/Dex with Nobles Slender Sword.

  35. Couldn't agree more regardless of the straight sword it has to have square off, just makes me think of when he yells For Frodo and runs in.

  36. It was this or Raining Blood or something along those lines

  37. Due to the wording of the title i have to try something, sorry in advance for the cringe. 😅😔 IYKYK...

  38. If I wasn't so new to Reddit I would have given you an award, my man 🤣

  39. If anyone wants the actual stats for lvl 25 and talismans and weapons and armor (which should be obvious there) I can paste and copy it hwre but I posted it in elden-ring builds.

  40. My man! Getting to the bloodhound knight set at lv 25 has got to be hard!

  41. Im not gonna lie I cheesed that bloodhound knight with a bow from atop the stairs cuz he would demolish me whenever I got close, but I just used the tele from Rya after I got to Atlus and traveled to the cave then did all the fun platforming. Least it wasn't Tree Sentienl armor 🤣

  42. Draconic Tree Sentinel is easy. Sneak up behind him and use poison mist incantation. Five or six applications if I remember correctly

  43. Not Draconic armor. The regular tree sentinel armor in Azurs Hero Grave. Where you gotta avoid the chariots and then set them up to crash lol

  44. Love this and appreciate it. I don't know if I've posted it. (I may have in someone's comments) here's a lvl25 invader Bloodhound Knight Cosplay build. (I was able to solo up to 4 talisman slots this way at a +1 special weapons and (3 regular)

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