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  1. Wait what? Are you serious or just making it up? If you're serious, who sent you? Your parents?

  2. Nope, dead serious. Lol. I've worked for the federal govt for half my life so yes, my parents.

  3. That's freaking insane and I'm really sorry to hear this shit happens. Hope you're ok.

  4. Better than ever, it was a risk I was aware of and didn't mind taking, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the hospital and recorded interviews with every patient and nurse without them knowing.

  5. Interesting to see how the many countries now banning single use plastics is going to effect a massive company like Coca-Cola. I believe they are among the worst plastic polluters in the world.

  6. I'm pretty sure this is in reference to Speed o' Sound Sonic's balls. God was hiding in there at the time.

  7. Lemming? I agree the hair and nose is the main reason I thought this and other parts of their facial structure are very different but how does that make me a lemming? Not very many people had this opinion. Almost any other piece of one word criticism would have been more accurate.

  8. I feel like Finnish PM Marin and Justin Trudeau should have a kid and that kid should rule the world until he's 10.

  9. In April, Eyre said a lack of affordable housing was continually being raised by troops. “The number one issue that comes up as I travel around the country is cost of living and the challenges our people are facing in terms of finding affordable accommodations,” Eyre said during an event hosted by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

  10. Phew for a second I thought it said heat wave. Good to see civilization is just evolving at the expected pace, in the expected way.

  11. More like Christians disagree with the conduct of religious leaders and are distancing themselves from the Business.

  12. No worries, the spawn of sea sponge will just flow down the current and repopulate somewhere else with a better climate. They do drills every year to make sure they're ready.

  13. I don’t read any hate into that comment at all. It’s stating facts and explaining why she was there…?

  14. Without more context/knowing Saitama's personality this scene basically says to me Garou is damned lucky Blast is behind him otherwise he'd have killed him on the spot. Blast is such a handicap for Garou.

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