1. Never upload anything onto your console or account of any kind.

  2. Hey. It would be nicer if you can tell us which state you're from 😊 The Mischievous Zombie.MOD

  3. I live in Maine. Does that help players find one another? I haven't looked much into the mechanics.

  4. The State Number in game is what you need to share. I love Maine, it’s a beautiful state.

  5. Ok, found it. Never looked at the world map till now. It says state# 1065, Wrath County. Maine has some truly beautiful views.

  6. Gotta love Reddit. Everyone is saying he is trash all the while girls flock to home in droves. Either way, he is gonna get his rocks off, and be satisfied. Posting a picture where you are trying to draw attention to your tits is nonsense. While I wouldn't break up with someone for it I'd definitely have some things to say.

  7. Will someone help me as well? The username on PSN is ZyxGraf. I'll help you out if your world is stuck as well.

  8. You could say something such as, "HE HAS A BIG DICK!" That will make most people uncomfortable and not want to ask that question whilst complimenting him. Or simply say what you feel. "Because I think he is, so piss off."

  9. Creepy? No. Unwanted? Yes. People try to come up with etiquette when there are no rules besides what facebook lays out. The only thing sus about what he did is that it's your girlfriend. She doesn't like it, so she declares it is creepy. You agree because it makes sense to her and your ego.

  10. HAHAHA wtf do you mean he's not creepy? He's a class A creepy baby stalker. Who does this shit? You? It's common sense to not go though a girl's entire profile, oogle, and comment everything. People that don't touch grass do this stuff. Maybe you need to take a hint too if you think her safety isn't something to be concerned about because this boy is looking at her like a piece of meat.

  11. If you put that much stock in social media, then perhaps you have more important things to do. It's amazing how many logical leaps people do. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that the friend in question is attracted to the op's girlfriend. There is nothing creepy about being attracted. Liking all of a girl's photos is not creepy, nor is commenting on them.

  12. Your response was amusing at first. Upon further inspection of the account, you can see he has been active all along.

  13. I've seen very similarly dissimilar situations play out, so I'm going to unpack it.

  14. So you enjoy drama? That is a lot of instability but it's not off putting enough to push you away.

  15. I can't trust, rely, or believe her half the time. It's actually really painful. I have never dealt with someone like this, and it feels like I have been conditioned to deal with it. I was so much better until she showed back up and got me all messed up again.

  16. She's good at manipulation and unless you block her and stop then you are allowing this to happen.

  17. She is painfully good at manipulation and I am responsible for allowing her to do what she does. I tried calling my mobile carrier to filter her number, but they don't have the ability to do it. Instead I found a feature on my phone that hides blocked calls. This will make it easier to ignore her if she tries later to contact me.

  18. It's not toxic to hope someone will change their mind. People have hopes and dreams. Just because they have a different view does not make them toxic. If this were the case, then every time you asked your partner to do anything they did not want to do, and you held out hope, then you are a toxic person. Ridiculous.

  19. People's feelings change. I spent my whole life not wanting to get married or have children. I met a girl along the way that proposed to me, we got engaged, and I even considered wanting to have children. Even though we have broken up I am sure that I want to have kids and get married some day.

  20. We went through with an abortion about 6-8 months in. It was hard when it happened. Her sister just had her baby and ours would be due around the same time. It was for the better. Some days it eats me up inside, and I feel guilty. It still makes me sad. Just because it was the right choice does not make it any less of a guilt inducing choice.

  21. Get out man. She is playing you like a drum. Sooner or later she is going to cheat. The fact she needs that from someone else says enough. Enough said.

  22. its hard when you feel like if you leave, they're going to get themselves killed. I sound like an edgy teen saying shit like that but its a genuine concern

  23. Trust and believe she will move on from you so quickly it will shatter your delusions while leaving you a broken mess just the way she intends. Leave with your dignity intact. She will go for broke and crush you.

  24. He likely isn't that into you or he is playing games to manipulate you and reel you in deeper. That or he is caught up in his own stuff and only really cares about that. Another option is he found someone he is more attracted to and is having sex with her now.

  25. I'd find it odd to not save people's numbers if I contact them regularly. Just makes sense. Likely case? She is trying to remove you from her life. Either be prepared to fix the issues at the core or get out while you can. She is probably preparing for a break up.

  26. For as much backlash as the op gets by women and white knights, his point is valid. Hate it or love it. Women utilize an indirect communication style and men utilize direct communication. While there are examples of women being attacked from approaching a man, there are plenty who have never had this happen.

  27. Do yourself a favor and cut ties now. If she is downloading dating apps under the premise of "making friends", then you know all you need to know. I make friends ALL THE TIME and it does not take a dating app. I make friends on the streets, online, in stores, and damn near anywhere just by talking with people.

  28. Is this the only thing he has ever lied about? Do you suspect him of lying about other things? Trust is huge in a relationship. How is your intimacy? Do you both get off together? Mutual sexual interaction is important.

  29. And calf kicks (tapping x or o) will make your opponent stumble if they’re circling towards it.

  30. Hold x and then hold o. By holding the x button longer then you'll actually throw a leg kick instead if a calf kick.

  31. Thank you, I've been playing this game forever and never knew how to do that. Total game changer. 😁

  32. Perhaps when you are getting sexy try to undress him in a sexual way. Kiss him all over and tantalize him. Perhaps say something like "I want to unwrap you like a present." I am fat, but its never bothered me getting undressed in front of someone who likes me as well. It's probably a confidence thing. I wouldn't pester him too much, but if it is a deal breaker for you, then lay it out as such.

  33. Awesoke advice and I really want to use it. My biggest issues in the world is just making those moves and being ok with the awkward answer if she denies it. How can I convince my brain that it’s ok if I try and it’s awkward. I’m an over thinker and last year when I would try to make a move or gage if she was into me I’d overthink and be like “omg it’s gonna so awkward if she doesn’t reciprocate” so I would end up never making a move and feeling like crap. It’s something I struggle with especially since she’s rather shy which makes it even harder. Any tips to get over that mental block and just stop overthinking every little thing?

  34. Excellent question! This is something we all will, have, or do deal with. Truth be told there is no easy way out. Even the most handsome, built, and successful man will fail and get rejected. You learn to overcome rejection by getting rejected, getting back up, and trying again. That is the magical recipe. I have been rejected and rejected so many people it's not even funny. The best advice is to try and get out early if she doesn't like you back. Spare yourself the stress of being friend zoned. You deserve better than a girl who is going to placate you. She will date or have sex with another man and not you? Don't be ok with that and move on. Your feelings matter just as much if not more as they are yours and for you.

  35. whats the difference between friends and being in the friend zone?

  36. The difference is that you are strictly platonic friends with no attraction from either side or is repressed to maintain the relationship. Friend zone is when one person expresses their desire for either sex or a relationship, and then is told no we are just friends.

  37. It's kinda tricky. He could be doing something behind your back you may not like such as cheating or chatting up other women. This is the worst case scenario. He could also be very deep into his work and he feels like a relationship is taking him away from it. This I can understand, but would advise him to not get lost in growth.

  38. I was playing with a friend the other night, and we were hitting up different areas to unlock stuff, fight bosses, and grind exp. It was fun traversing the land with a cooperator. If the map was wide open when summoning, can ride your horse, and interact with all the sites of grace fully, then this would be perfect.

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