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  1. No it won't! I have zero interest in using this POS software.

  2. Check Arc Thift Stores and Goodwill. I see TV antenna there almost every time I go junk hunting.

  3. Yes they do. Plenty of articles of vets getting arrested for VA fraud. Normally the VA forwards the complaint to the DOJ and you have their agents surveilling you.

  4. If denied then submit a Lay Statement in support of your claim stating your drug use was caused or aggrivated by your military service. If drug or alcohol use were grounds for a denial...EVERY military service member would be denied. I don't know any service member who has not abused alcohol to numb themselves.

  5. Are we surprised that a major platform such as reddit is now compromised? Supposedly back in 2018 there were 330 million reddit accounts. Only a speck compaired to others but that was then, and now, who knows. Youtube starts really turning up the censorship when a user who is actually on to something approaches 500k subs from what I can tell. One thing is for certain, all major platforms are compromised, the truth will always be the truth, and when it begins to surface it will be smashed like a game of whack-a-mole..

  6. Nope...not at all suprised. Just like Facebook is compromised.

  7. That sub is super whack. Extremely narrowly controlled narrative building. The funniest thing I've seen in a while was one of the mods over there posted a "warning" about bots steering the narrative on the sub.

  8. So EVERYTHING you do online and offline can be tracked by Zuck the Fuck and his cronies.

  9. Zuckerberg is so far out of touch with what people really want. The only people that are going to use the meta verse are going to tweens and they will get border with it after 30 minutes because they have to actually move to make things happen.

  10. Especially when the US oil industry replied to Joe Biden stating...Develop more US pipelines...which Joe Biden killed when he took office.

  11. Wonder how UFO sighting coinside with Flourindated water beginning in 1939.

  12. If you're in cyber security as you claim you would know why allowing for a virtual TPM on a host system would be a very bad idea. But I guess people can claim whatever profession they want on the internet. Lmao 🤡🤡🤡

  13. Yeah since you are an expert in encryption and would know why having a module with a unique encryption key which cannot be changed would be a bad idea.

  14. You haven't a clue of what you are talking about. I guarantee this technology will be exploited in the future. Just like any new technology has. You fucking trust these shit bag companies to do the right thing with a technology which ID's every single computer without setting cookies or having the user log in to verify their ID?

  15. Are you going to pay me 10 cents to my Amazon Mturk account???

  16. The items look like sh*t the managers just pulled out of the back of their desk about a f*cking retirement pention.

  17. When you reach your predefined limit then you get paid. You can change the amount built up in your account before you get paid.

  18. That is $10 per day you didn't have before. $300 per month is a dinner date with your partner, gas in your vehicle, pays your electric bill. Love passive income.

  19. The three fat lesbian cops where probably jealous of how you look.

  20. Don't mention COVID, vaccines, Biden, Hunter's laptop, Nancy Pelosi's drunk driving husband, the demorats, red flag events, school/mass shootings or the bots will mark down all your posts. Watch the negative votes come pouring in on this post.

  21. NOPE...and you will never see your account again!

  22. Monkey Herpes is going to be the next pandemic to cull the fat and unhealthy populations.

  23. I was an LT. It’s basically a PFC+. We make equally dumb financial decisions. Minus the 28% APR car loans but still the same cars

  24. Should have reported that loan to JAG for predative lending to military.

  25. Mil Spec is the best liquor. Same quality as the $40 bottle but for $12. I can't tell the difference between the Mil Spec gin and the Bombay gin.

  26. Are we reporting to the FBI and DOJ? I have made several reports, but my reports alone can not do it. They work hand and hand with the DA, so of course the DA will always side with them. It’s to the point where they think they are untouchable, so they continue to do it, because no one is doing anything about it.

  27. Nothing the FBI is going to do. A dirty agency covering up for dirty cops.

  28. If you are deployed on official orders you are GUARANTEED your position back when you return. There have been many federal lawsuits brought against agencies which failed to follow this federal law. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

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